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    Congratulations London!


    It is really good to know that the 2012 Olympics will be held in London England :D. Congratulations London, we love you. We are proud to have been, and we (Jamaica) are still a part of you.
    Having the Olympics in London will provide a lot of support for Jamaica, because there are a lot of Jamaican fans in London.

    Right now, I can just begin to imagine when Asafa, Veronica, Sherone, Usain, Jermaine, A’leen and all the other Jamaican Olympians begin to go around the track in London… the support is going to be phenomenonal!…

    … and even more so when they win!!
    You go London 😉
    Read more about the victory on BBC
    See pictures of Londons Victory

    2 Responses to “Congratulations London!”

    1. Letisha Says:

      I’m really happy to hear of such great news. At least when we win, we’ll have our yardys to cheer us on. Big Up London!

    2. Johanna Kola Says:

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      The Jamaican Lyrics Ne…

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