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    What Did We Change in June?

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    June was a very good month for Jamaicanlyrics.com. Of course a lot more is left to be done, but there were some improvements during this month.

    The New JL
    The decision has been taken to implement The New Jamaican Lyrics on a phased basis instead of having one launch. The main reason for this, is that this site has long needed an overhaul and it would not be fair to let the users wait until an entire site is complete. Therfore, you should see small changes taking place until the entire site is overhauled. Isn’t that great ;)?
    Just continue gi wi di (give us the) support that we need.

    Changes made
    Here are some of the significant things we changed in June. We:
    Added a search page to provide better results
    Included articles from the Jamaican Newsletter on the New Songs Page
    Included a list of random songs on the search page
    … and a whole heap of other things

    Jamaican Lyrics Update
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