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    Long Live Rosa Parks!


    I know that half of you dont even know who Rosa Parks is and what she did for black people, so let me tell you.

    Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in a bus to a white guy on Dec 1, 1955. She disobeyed the rule and for that she was imprisoned and fined $14. This sparked a big demonstration led by Martin Luther King and a whole lot of other black people.

    Here’s what she said,

    “And when he asked me if I was going to stand up, I told him no, I wasn’t, and he told me if I didn’t stand up he’d have me arrested. I told him, he could do that.”

    Rosa parks is hailed as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement and so we as black people must show our respect. She along with Martin Luther and a whole lot of other people, helped to pave the way for our freedom.
    Rest in peace Rosa.

    You can pay your respects here.

    2 Responses to “Long Live Rosa Parks!”

    1. Dahlia Says:

      Good thing thus far enjoyed the site

      Will be checking it out more often.

      Keep up


    2. DON CAPO Says:

      ROSA PARK IS WORTH MUCH MORE THAN U CAN THINK OF CONTACT ME FOR MORE ON HER INFOS.DO U KNOW THE BUS THAT SHE HAD THE CLASH WITH WITH THE WHITE GUY STILL EXIST?HERE IS MY ADD;mbatakugaston@yahoo.com.i am basedin cameroon carrying out studies&research in the university of buea.here is my contact +23777788921.bye for now.i will check in soon.

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