Don’t You Remember – Romain Virgo

When will I see you again? You left with no goodbye, none a single word was said, No final kiss to seal any sins, I had no idea of the state we were in, I know I have a fickle … Continue reading

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I Know Better – Romain Virgo

Me could have gun pon waist BOy dis and me kick off him face Me couldam run de place, done de place No boy couldn’t violate me could have crazy machine Shane, me coulda lock down the scheme But me … Continue reading

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I Am Rich in Love – Romain Virgo

Yeah ahh oh oh oh ohhh Look girl yeah I need you Rich in love, rich in love, rich in love Chorus: I am rich in love but naturally i’m a pauper, its just you that i’m after Got lot … Continue reading

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The System – Romain Virgo

When you work and til the soil Still can’t find food to boil What do you tell a hungry child, yes… When the system no create no job, weh yuh expect ghetto youths fi have Them will kill people and … Continue reading

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Mama’s Song – Romain Virgo

Chorus: Me a thank god fi mi mother Fi all a di pain she bear Fi bring mi come ya You a di greatest mother mi swear Thank you mamaaaaa Fi all a di stress yo bear Mi dedicate da … Continue reading

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