Watch Me Lord – Christopher Martin

As I walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Death I’ll fear no evil, Thy rod and staff they comfort me I’m not worried about tomorrow My life is in His hands, And I’m not worried about my sorrows … Continue reading

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Giving It – Christopher Martin

Ooohh… aww ohhh ohh yeah yeah aww ohhh It’s all bout the ladies aw ohhh It’s all about the ladies aw ohhh Flexing it down the sidewalk I see the ladies to the east the west the north The most … Continue reading

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Na Na Na – Christopher Martin

Oh na, na, na, na Oh na, na, na, na Yea When your hands on my shoulder tonight Yea I made sure And made sure Made sure to keep you satisfied girl Oh na, na, na, na Girl a you … Continue reading

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Cheaters Prayer – Christopher Martin

(Intro) … See Martin yah, woaai Lawd hammercy Woaai(2) hey(2) It’s not the first nor the last, so, so much pretty girl a pass and Holding out is such a task, that’s why me a seh this from mi heart … Continue reading

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Love I’m Looking for – Christopher Martin

Everybody gather round and listen this A true story of a girl who wants to take my chick Mi no like it no, I couldn’t belive it no… no no Right ya now this is a chapter in mi life … Continue reading

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Chill Spot – Christopher Martin

Intro: Some days of the week will be bad days Nuttn at all nah go on my way Mi feel like give up, give up Throwin the towel and give up When Work jus a stress mi, and mi girl … Continue reading


Paper Loving – Christopher Martin

She know, she know she know (ta ta da ta da ) She know mi treat her better than her man (wooh) But she a worry bout the millions, the millions, the millions Girl, you love me for true But … Continue reading

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