Holy Ghost Gym

Lyrics Everybody now in, or you out, everybody now in, or you out everybody everybody everybody now x2 (Hear mi now!) Chorus If you knam(eat) sin till(until) you fat and you know you need fi(to) get slim (Holy Ghost Gym) … Continue reading

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Facebook or Twitter

Lyrics Chorus Facebook Or A Twitter, we a go preach the Gospel every perimeter, the enemy go round with rubbish and a litter, we a go endure till the end we a no quitter, Gospel what we deliver whether, (Rep.1) … Continue reading

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Cut It Off

Lyrics Well, you si The enemy try do a whole heap a ting fi block us, and/ try stop us/ try mock us but mi mi tell him seh like sardine him caan pack us/ king Jesus back us (tell … Continue reading

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Meet My Star

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Naa Bow

LIving in a world that is so hard to live in, To live this Christian life unu betta start fighting, PLea the blood of Jesus over u Christian walking, Backbiting, malice keeping, stealing, cheating, sinful nature, Jesus weap, when him … Continue reading


God Man

Intro: In da Lord we trust, serving is a mus, He’s di Alpha yeah da fus, this is DJ Nicholas Intro Chorus: When you hear di trumpet or di flute, know it’s a battle, time fi put you vehicle inna … Continue reading

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God Man

(Intro) In the Lord we trust, serve him is a must He’s the Alpha yea the fus, this is DJ Nicholas (Into Chorus) When you hear the turmpet or the flute, know it’s a battle, time fi put you vehicle … Continue reading