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Whats Up? – March 2008

So here’s an update after not posting any updates here for the longest time. Jamaican Lyrics is here guys and here to stay! Here’s whats happening now; We’re focusing alot of energy on getting all our visitors added to our … Continue reading

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Jason Mighty Online

Yeah Jason is online. Read more about jason mighty here. Make sure you leave him a comment. and mek sure you support his new album to be launched soon.

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New Artist

check out let me know what you think about him. i like his style, but let me know

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Long Live Rosa Parks!

I know that half of you dont even know who Rosa Parks is and what she did for black people, so let me tell you. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in a bus to a white guy … Continue reading

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Black Green & Gold-Thirld World Style

Of all the albums i have seen recently (and beleive me when i say i have seen a lot), this is the one that i think exhibits the most love for Jamaica. I love Jamaica, and that is why i … Continue reading

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What Did We Change in June?

June was a very good month for Of course a lot more is left to be done, but there were some improvements during this month. The New JL The decision has been taken to implement The New Jamaican Lyrics … Continue reading

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Congratulations London!

It is really good to know that the 2012 Olympics will be held in London England :D. Congratulations London, we love you. We are proud to have been, and we (Jamaica) are still a part of you. Having the Olympics … Continue reading

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Searching for Songs

I upgraded the search function for the website yesterday. This means that searches conducted on the website should provide more productive results. Try doing a search for a song and tell me what you think. You can do a search … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jamaican Lyrics Newsletter. So what is this all about? Well this where I am going to put all the latest information about Jamaican and what is happening to the site, especially through this period as we … Continue reading

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