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Beenie Man ‘Reverses the Thing’… Now in Favour of Gays and Lesbians

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Beenie Man has now changed his stance on gays and lesbians, and is now in favour of these groups.

The Jamaica Observer reports:

In light of his latest international call up to perform on the Rototam Sunsplash in Spain in August of this year, Beenie Man has issued a rather emotional apology to members of the homosexual community who he may have offended through his violent homophobic lyrics in many of his songs. It was reported that the ‘King of the Dancehall’ did this via video and, reasoned that “he is not the same person he was 20 years ago”. In the same video, he goes on to state his new found “respect [for] each and every human being, regardless of which race or creed, regardless of which religious belief and regardless of which sexual preference…[that they might have] including gay and lesbian people”.

Apparently, this move was strategically taken in an effort to stem any protests from the gay community which may prevent him from performing at that show.

You may view the video below:

You may also listen to one of his most popular, though relatively mild, anti-gay songs, ‘Bad Man Chi Chi’ below.

Read the full story here.

Should he have apologized? What are your views?

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