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    Fireworks @ Genesis

    by: General | 2 Comments »

    published: Wednesday | January 3, 2007

    André Jebbinson, Staff Reporter

    Left: Papa San performs to scores of patrons.   Right: Judith Gayle thrills the crowd.

    Explosive performances heralded 2007 at Genesis Triple Fest at the National Stadium in Kingston, on Monday, New Year’s Day.

    The most riveting set came from Prodigal Son, Papa San, DJ Nicholas and Moses, which started from as early as 3:30 p.m. and ended just before midnight.

    The year’s show was held under the theme, ‘Tek Back Jamrock’.

    Of course, with such a great line-up, the attempt to take back Jamrock was forceful, with scores of patrons indicating that they have repented and were ready to follow the Lord.

    Moses’s testimony

    Moses had officially kicked off the night session with a bang. Many have heard his testimony before, but it always seems to have the same captivating effect.

    He is one of those artistes who audiences listen to and can identify with. For that reason, he spends little time convincing his fans to get into the praise mode. It is almost automatic whenever he takes the stage.

    A little more subdued, but very effective was Perpetual Praise. They carried a more serene atmosphere.

    Patrons were also treated to some good ‘ole time’ gospel music. This segment included Judith Gayle and Dawn McDowell who ministered with conviction.

    Few new groups

    There were also few break-out groups that showed promise in the business, such as Perfect Love, RB Singer and Chosen Vessel.

    Prodigal Son was the penultimate act on the show, but still, the old and the young alike had enough vigour to jump and prance in response to his thrilling set.

    Prodigal dropped hits such as Tell Mi A Who, Ketch A Fire and Journey. What made his act very solemn was his less entertaining and more ministering approach. This left many patrons saying that Prodigal should have closed the show.

    As the excitement peaked, rags were waved and cell phones hoisted to welcome Papa San.

    His over the top performance had the crowd in a frenzy.

    Genesis was also streamed live on the Internet. Another special feature at the show was the exciting fireworks display that disrupted the stage activities for close to 10 minutes.

    There were criticisms that there was too much hype and less spiritual food for those who were seeking nourishment for the soul, but overall, most seemed pleased with the package.

    Left: Patrons wave rags as they enjoy Genesis 2007 at the National Stadium Car Park on Monday.   Right: Prodigal was a crowd stealer. – Photos by Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

    Source: http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20070103/ent/ent1.html

    Full story here:

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    2. teasha Says:

      It was a blessing. Every Year. Blessing plus tax.

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