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    Doing It for the Love of It. But Can It Pay the Bills? Kabaka Pyramid – United Reggae

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    This interview highlights Keron Salmon AKA Kabaka Pyramid created seismic waves with the release of his free to download Rebel Music EP last summer. In 2002, after completing high school Salmon left Jamaica for Fort Lauderdale where he began rapping and making beats, finding the Bebble Rock crew had set up their own studio for him to work in on his return. United Reggae asks him about Lyrics and surviving from his music.
    You talk in your lyrics about doing music for the love of it. Do you have to find other ways to make a living? Is music something you do in your spare time? I'm just reaching a stage in the last few months where if I got an offer for a 9 to 5 job I'd probably turn it down. Things are rough in Jamaica. My family have been going through a rough patch for the last few years. But we still give thanks for a place to stay and right now I don't have to worry about too many bills and things and we have the studio. It rolls around my mind but I don't really stress about that still. The music, just even getting dubplates and keeping those things in circulation, gives me a good income and doing little shows here and there - hopefully we can line up some tours... I do some side hustles like selling football jerseys. We have our duplication thing in the studio, cd duplication with Lightscribe, and studio time where I work as an engineer, so I have to supplement.

    Full story here: http://unitedreggae.com/articles/n860/011812/interview-kabaka-pyramid

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