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    Kerron Ennis’ Album Launched!

    by: General | 7 Comments »

    Yes guys, it is official! Kerron Ennis launched her album GOD IS BY OUR SIDE tonight Feb 24, 2006. It was one great show at swallowfield chapel in Kingston Jamaica. When I arrived the show was already under way, but from what i saw it was well supported. And you know who was in the house to pop down the place, none other than the Rhyme minister himself. The performances were great and there were special guests in the house to lend their support.

    The CD goes like this
    1. Grace
    2. My prayer
    3. God is by our side
    4. Daddy oh
    5. Dont Cry
    6. Hold on
    7. Turn things around
    8. God we need
    9. Call J-e-s-u-s
    10. Can’t live
    11. Holy-You are worthy
    12. Show me love
    13. Yeah
    14. His love
    15. No wonder
    16. God loves you

    Artists that were present at the launch included Jason Mighty, Prodigy, Chevelle Franklyn, Jai, Moses, and whole heap more that i didn’t even see.

    to be continued…

    Full story here:

    7 Responses to “Kerron Ennis’ Album Launched!”

    1. Kriket Says:

      Where can I get this CD? I have been looking all over for this.

    2. Keli Says:

      I’d also like to know where I can find this CD. I love the song “Daddy Oh”. Let me know. Thanks.

    3. Alicia Robinson Says:

      aunty kerron keep up the good work

    4. andrea McDonald-Black Says:

      I am a former Merl grove student tryoing to get in touch with Kerron Ennis for a Merl Grove reunion event to be Held in maryland USA. How can I reach her?

    5. Kay Says:

      A group at my church wants to try “GOD WE NEED” Does any one have the lyrics?

    6. Idetrorce Says:

      very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    7. Maureen Dixon Says:

      Girl your songs has been a real blessing to me.May God continue to bless your soul so that you can continue to bless others.

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