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    Mr Gallimore Drops Weed for Holy Spirit

    by: General | No Comments »

    published: Friday | November 17, 2006

    Andre Jebbinson, Staff Reporter

    Mr. Gallimore in performance. – Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

    Kemar Gallimore (‘Mr. Gallimore’) has defied the odds and risen above the Trench Town stigma, using his singing to get him out of the ghetto.

    His entry into the gospel music industry was preceded by a powerful and life-changing spiritual experience, a conversion from Rastafari to faith in Jesus Christ in 1997.

    “I used to believe in Haile Selassie. Nuff a dem yout a me teach dem how fi build spliff. I was a hustler,” Mr. Gallimore said.

    He said his father was known for selling marijuana and he followed closely in his father’s footsteps. Gallimore recalled instances when his father would give him a part of the money he needed and then have him raise the rest by selling ganja.

    “If yuh have you head on yuh body, they turn you around. God delivered me from that. God had a plan for my life and I didn’t know that,” Mr. Gallimore said.

    Now his gospel message on pulsating reggae rhythms commands attention, his powerful voice making him stand out.

    This has resulted in him being part of the Main Street Records family, Mr. Gallimore being a popular performer on shows.

    There is better

    Since he is a living testimony of what can happen with determination, he wants others who are going through the same ordeal to know that there is better. “One have to know one’s purpose and reason for existence. When you know why you’re here it will make a difference,” Mr. Gallimore said.

    “It all started at a youth programme concert at Church on the Rock in 1998. They were having a talent night and I was invited to show off my talent,” Gallimore said.

    Gallimore performed Draw Me Nearer, a combination with Ziggy Soul and close friend and fellow gospel artiste Kassim ‘Moses’ Grant. Shortly after, Gallimore and Moses got together to form KGs. Mr. Gallimore said he saw a story in the newspaper about Danny Brownie being converted to Christianity and his search for hard-core deejays. He took on the challenge with his first single, Tink Seh Mi Sick.

    Mr. Gallimore said his career might not be growing as quickly as he would like, but God knows why there is a delay. After all, he has built a trust that has taken him from the ghetto and he is now on the road that leads to the Kingdom of God.

    Full story here:

    No Responses to “Mr Gallimore Drops Weed for Holy Spirit”

    1. chantel Says:

      i love that lyrics but i want da lyrics fa no dirt panties will some 1 plz send dem 2 me

    2. chantel Says:

      i love that lyrics but i want da lyrics fa no dirt panties will some 1 plz send dem 2 me

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