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    Nana McLean Hopes for a ‘Break Through’

    by: News | 1 Comment »

    published: Friday | October 6, 2006

    André Jebbinson, Staff Reporter

    Nana McLean – Contributed

    Many Jamaicans may not remember the name Nana McLean, but it is a different story in Canada where she now resides.

    In the late 1970s, McLean kept company with the likes of the late Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill and Burning Spear. However, she migrated to Canada and started making a name for herself there. “People in Canada see me and recognise me. I am hoping that people in Jamaica will take on to my new album like in Canada,” McLean said.

    She is hoping that her first gospel album, Break Through, will serve as a breakthrough into Christian territory. Break Through is an anthology of conscious reggae gospel lyrics which classifies as a ministry, and is significantly inspired by her secular song Got To Move On.

    “It’s like I was stuck when I did that song and I thought I just had to move on. Everything around me changed and I wanted to share something with God. This is it,” she said.


    Full story here:

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