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    New Album – March Out

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    From his early childhood days, there were two constants in Robert Facey’s life: the church and the music of the sound system culture that reverberated around the Portmore community where he grew up.

    Sounds like disparate influences, but Robert and his twin brother Roger learned early to pick out the good (the energy and dynamism of the dancehall) and leave out the bad (the lewdness, misogyny and violence of the lyrics).

    Thus came APS, an independent venture that brings under its umbrella the APS Sound System, Good Fridays, a Christian music party held the last Friday of each month on the roof of McMaster’s Plaza in Portmore – and APS Productions, the group’s recording studio and record label.

    Under the latter banner, the group has released March Out, a compilation CD of like-minded Christian dancehall artistes.
    march Out follows the previous comp, titled Gospel Fi Share.

    For a budding music mogul, Facey is remarkably unassuming yet direct, avoiding the flashiness and bombast plaguing many of his secular dancehall counterparts but confident in the alternative that he and the APS team are offering.

    “Everybody knows that the dancehall has a vibes and there’s something to the way the DJs put their lyrics together, but we want to show that we can do that just as well and the difference being we give glory to God and not the carnal things.”

    Like Gospel Fi Share, March Out includes tunes from various artistes, among them Martin Issacs, who uses the moniker ‘Tin I Cool’, Christopher ‘NaNa’ Robinson, Andre ‘Kirk Patrick’ Small, Adrian Young, aka ‘Gospel Flex’, and Wayne ‘Fresh Start’ Clarke.

    Source:the observer

    Full story here:

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