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    Prodigal & Wayne Marshall at Recharge

    by: News | 1 Comment »

    ‘World’ meets word on stage
    published: Sunday | October 1, 2006

    – Nathaniel Stewart/Freelance Photographer
    Radikal Prodigal and Wayne Marshall perform together at Recharge 5, held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on August 19.

    Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

    It is not unusual to see gospel artistes shrugging aside the conservative ways of the church and stepping on to the secular stage. Lately, though, there are secular artistes who have been wandering down the holy path.

    According to some gospel promoters and artistes, patrons generally have mixed reactions when such a blend is presented. When gospel artistes perform on secular shows they are usually welcomed with open arms, while traditionalists in the church might not be as open-minded or welcome the change.

    Calvin Whilby, aka Prodigal Son, Radikal Prodigal or simply Bless, recently invited dancehall artistes Wayne Marshall and Red Rat to perform at his annual gospel event, ‘Recharge’. Prodigal has also performed on a number of secular shows and says the reception is very different.

    “From a gospel perspective, having secular people on the show, most of the traditional folks would not like it, but people who want to evangelise and want to show love to that side of the music would really like it. Some traditional folks might embrace it a little bit, but many would not. But from the secular perspective, those people appreciate gospel artistes being on their show. On Sting last year I entered the stage right before Beenie Man and everybody from that time until now will seh Prodigal tek Sting and I never compromised my faith,” he said.


    Full story here:

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