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    Even Jamaican Ginger Is Famous

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    In this Slate article lamenting the fact that artists don't sing about diseases anymore, it was interesting to see mention of Jamaica and Jamaican Ginger in a song. We appreciate it. They wrote:
    In 2003, Dan Baum wrote in The New Yorker of the spate of early-1930s blues songs about “jake leg,” a paralysis caused by drinking a strain of Jamaica ginger extract, a cure-all snake oil often imbibed in place of liquor during Prohibition. The first record of the condition’s connection to the medicine shows up in a song by Ishman Bracey called “Jake Liquor Blues.” Medical records at the time were pretty spotty—especially for the poor people who comprised the majority of those afflicted with jake leg—so much of what’s known about the disease today is culled from those songs.

    Full story here: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2012/01/26/songs_about_the_flu_tb_and_other_diseases_where_did_they_go_.html

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