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    Stitchie to Release His Third Album: ‘Real Life Story’ In Music and Book

    by: News | 3 Comments »

    Popular gospel deejay, Stitchie is on the verge of releasing his latest album Real Life Story simultaneously with an autobiography, The Power of Determination. Both works are expected to drop in the summer. “Its gospel, reggae gospel, dancehall gospel, undiluted, yuh know weh a mean,” said an upbeat Stitchie as he spoke about the album.

    “It’s very exciting, on a new different level, a new different dimension that God has opened up for us to carry the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ without compromise,” the devoted Christian artiste told the Observer.

    Turning to his other project, Stitchie said: “I’m also working on my first book which is entitled The Power of Determination. It’s an autobiography and also a motivational and evangelistic tool, documenting my life and my experiences.”

    He was quick to point out that the book is the first of many. Consisting of 14 chapters, it is published by Stitchie’s own Drum and Bass Music & Publishing Company. “But we’re going to be dealing with distributors to get it out there,” he hastened to add. A live DVD to accompany the album is also in the works.

    “This is my very first time that I’m going to be doing a live DVD for an album.”

    Both the book and the disc will trace the journey of the teacher turned entertainer. Stitchie was born Clive Laing in Kingston and raised in nearby Spanish Town. Having won a parish DJ contest in 1983, he began to pursue a full-time career in music under the stage name Lieutenant Stitchie in 1987.

    By 1989, he had been signed to Atlantic Records, his debut album for that label, The Governor, breaking on the US dance charts on the wings of the humorous track, Dress To Impress.
    Arguably his best-known hit is Wear Yu Size, a number one single in England and Jamaica, although his well-intentioned jab at Rastas, Natty Dread, also enjoyed notoriety.

    His transformation from secular to saved entertainer came while on his way to Reggae Sumfest’s Dancehall Night in 1997. Preoccupied by the death of his mother, he had a major motor vehicle accident that nearly ended his own life. “God guh a dance too,” he chuckles in recalling that event.

    Prior to his conversion to Christianity, Stitchie recorded approximately 12 secular albums, and so far in his new despensation has recorded three gospel sets. His last album, Kingdom Ambassador, received several awards including Top Gospel Artistes for the Caribbean for the year 2005 and the single Fast and Pray was nominated for song of the year at a secular award. That was the first time a gospel song was nominated in that secular category.

    The gospel entertainer said that this year his plan is to bring the gospel into the reggae and dancehall styles on a more frequent basis. He is presently in discussion with the organisers of Reggae Sunsplash and also Reggae Sumfest.

    Promotional tours for the new album in Europe, the UK, the US as well as in the Caribbean are also in the making. “We’re going to be also launching this year for the first time, the website for Drum and Bass Music.”

    To what extent does he now perform songs he recorded before his conversion to Christianity? the Observer asked. “Zero, none at all,” he replies laughingly. ” Because it’s a whole different motive, a whole different mission and a whole different time.”
    However, he was quick to point out, “I’m not ashamed of them anyhow. They are good songs, and they are songs that I still listen to and still enjoy.

    “Jesus goh dance and he endorses all music genres, because he is the giver of all gifts. I had nothing to do with the gift that I have, it was given to me, and so it is my responsibility to use it to spread the message of the Kindom of God, and I’m going to do that until him come.”
    From the Observer

    Full story here:

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