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    Sumfest Likely to Drop Sizzla

    by: News | 30 Comments »

    Singjay Sizzla, whose career has been dogged by legal controversies in recent months, is likely not to perform on Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest next year, the sponsors and organisers have hinted.
    Why? Inciting violence in his lyrics.
    Which lyrics?

    bun b…. man and run out pon dem!
    Bad man nah apologise to no b…. boy!

    Read the full story here!

    Full story here:

    30 Responses to “Sumfest Likely to Drop Sizzla”

    1. angela Says:

      sizzla is a bod mon, he can say whatever he wanna say! bun a chichi mon! i agree wid him all di way!

    2. israel Says:

      he care more about whats rigth then his job an thats proof he’s trueboy style Jah bless

    3. Sharon Says:

      Sizzla ah true bod mon, big ups to him.

    4. ryan Says:

      Budmon dont apoligize to no battybwoy!!!

    5. TT Says:

      bod mon foward bod mon pull up naw mon it like dis bod gyal foward bod gyal pull up a bod song

    6. Daphine Says:

      sizzla nah apologize to no batty bwoy bun down di chichi all day
      i agree step on chichi man all day mi have mi lighta fi dem bombaclot more fiya more fiya

    7. nathan Says:

      You tell them fucking homo’s they try that shit again yall already got the weapons to go queer bashing

    8. Otis Woolbright Says:

      Buc! Buc! Blah! Tru Jamaican Shottas run erthing hear boi.

    9. Otis Woolbright Says:

      Buc! Buc! Blah! Tru Jamaican Shottas run erthing hear me boi.

    10. Otis Woolbright Says:

      Buc! Buc! Blah! Tru Jamaican Shottas run erything ear me boi.

    11. Zeus Says:


    12. Aristotelis Says:


    13. Manolis Says:

      Sorry :(

    14. Harrys Says:


    15. Vasileios Says:

      Sorry :(

    16. Myron Says:


    17. Odysseus Says:


    18. Kimon Says:


    19. goggle Says:

      Grande sito!!

    20. Aineias Says:


    21. Kymon Says:


    22. Maximos Says:


    23. Stratos Says:


    24. Kleanthe Says:


    25. Simos Says:


    26. raflt Says:

      rassist a litl bit

    27. ElenaLisvato Says:

      my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

    28. Player Profiles Says:

      You you could make changes to the post title The Jamaican Lyrics Newsletter » Sumfest likely to drop Sizzla to something more specific for your blog post you create. I liked the blog post withal.

    29. MicRouctjot Says:

      I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

    30. Hermes Outlet Says:

      I simply added this kind of nourish in order to my own book marks. I have to point out, We greatly enjoy reading through the sites. Keep it up!

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