MáS Que VencedõRes ( Romanos 8:35-39 )

Líderes, gobernantes Todos contra el crimen Todos las ideas y estrategias Una gran pérdida de tiempo El crimen una palabra PECADO Y la sangre del cordero Nos garantiza el TROFEO ————————————- JamaicanLyrics.com ————————————- Coro No dejemos que la maldad nos … Continue reading

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FORGIVE ME (1 John 1:8-10 )

I have limit your powers with lies I have made you so small in my eyes I have doubted your help so many times Clinging to foolish pride I have foolishly thought I was wise I have questioned your words … Continue reading

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DADDY ( Deut. 5:16 )

Selfless oh Daddy you’ve redefined You gave of yourself, your time, and you gave your life Serving God and serving others all the time Solution you’ll find for someone’s problem that is on your mind Chorus He was my father, … Continue reading

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WOULD YOU? ( John 15:9-17 )

Intro mi wi bawl yu nuh Yow! , no long talking, ready! Chorus x 2 Would you x 4 Tell me, greater love has no man than this That He lay down His life for His friends Would you make … Continue reading

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FRESH VEGETABLE (Daniel 2:1-20)

INTRO GROOVE IT AND TAKE ME FROM THE TOP AGAIN… YEA! FROM THE TOP AGAIN… YEA! TAKE ME FROM THE TOP AGAIN… YEA! Chorus x 2 Whoo, whaa fresh vegetable Whoo, whaa take a seat at my table Whoo, whaa … Continue reading


Holy Is the Lord (Isaiah 6: 1-3)

I can see the Lord sitting on his throne High and lifted up with Angels all around Now in the splendor of his glory I will praise Singing holy for the rest of all my days Chorus And I cry … Continue reading



World Leaders, Heads of Government All fighting crime All different strategies and ideas Is like a waste of time Crime is a three letter word Spell S I N And the blood of the Lamb Only guarantee For us to … Continue reading


FREE ( John 8:31-36 )

My hands were bound My feet were shackled in chains Blinded by sin while I was seeking for fame To gain the whole world What does it profit And lose your soul Is it really worth it Wrapped up and … Continue reading

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THERE’s HOPE (Romans 5:1-5)

Try to run away from yourself Many times before But there seems to be no way of escape Cause all the doors are closed And everyone you thought you could depend on Is no longer there And you feel like … Continue reading

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The BLOOD (Revelation 12:11)

Chorus Only by the blood of the lamb x3 And the testimony that we overcame the evil one. Help mi plea the blood against injustice in society Help mi plea the blood against sexual immorality Help mi plea the blood … Continue reading



Chorus x 2 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty High The enemy came, attacked and stole a lot Pointed a weapon in my face like a gangster … Continue reading



If you should hear the trumpet blow Would you be in tears or would you smile Are you ready Tell me are you ready right now Stop and think for a while Would He say depart or come my child … Continue reading

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MESSENGER (Psalm 121)

Intro Messenger x 4 Of the Lord I will lift my eyes unto the hills From whence cometh my help My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth He will not allow your foot to be moved … Continue reading

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I love to hear Shirley Caesar Lifting up the name of Jesus Mahalia Jackson, Reverend James Cleveland Hallelujah hail to the King Kirk Franklin, Fred, Donnie and the Winnans Really bless my soul Helen Baylor and Ron Kenoly But of … Continue reading