Fly Away Home

INTRO Absent from the body Im present with the Lord Lovely (yeah), blessed love every time enuh Check it, I love you Jesus Wheel, yeah Listen CHORUS We a go fly away oh fly away Oh no me nah go … Continue reading



INTRO Mama Mama hold faith nuh man Listen mamma all things worketh for good to them that love God member that A love u mama And God love u to Just be strong mamma Things must be better Listen, hey … Continue reading


Road to Travel

INTRO I greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Blessed love every time enuh, yeah You a hear me Mr. Sinner man, check this Watch yah CHORUS If you want a road to travel Jesus … Continue reading



INTRO We need love, cho Bonafied love, cho It’s coming from above, check this CHORUS A got this love inna mi heart for my brothers and sisters Tell them that a want them to be free (Oh yeah) But them … Continue reading


First Him

INTRO Mmmmm yeah, yeah Oooh Yeah Oooooohh Oh Jesus Yeah CHORUS Hes the first Him Do you understand me? Hes the first Him There is no Him before Him Hes the first Him Do you understand me? Hes the first … Continue reading

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