Ghetto Girl – Dennis Brown

Stay at home.. yeah. Ohh.. That little girl was born on the ghetto side of town, She knows every trick in the book, And she certainly gets around. She’s been with many man, Since she was only ten. She never … Continue reading

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Girl I’ve Got a Date – Dennis Brown

Girl I’ve got a date, And I just mean, I can’t stay late, whoah-ooo-oo. All my life and I’ve been warning you, girl, And not just once or twice, Take this from me: I’m as free as the birds in … Continue reading

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Big Ship

Whooooooooooaah! whooooooah! whooah! Sailing, sailing.. Say, when I’m ready, you must hold on steady, We’re moving off, at lightning-speed, yeah. Take a seat, and wait till I’m ready, I’m coming, so hold on steady, yeeeah. Big ship sailing on the … Continue reading

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Night Nurse

aaah-ah-ahh-aa-ahh [verse 1] Tell her try your best just to make it quick, Whom attend to the sick. ‘Cause there must be something she can do, This heart is broken in two. Tell her it’s a case of emergency, There’s … Continue reading

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