Good Love – Beres Hammond

Can’t believe I say these words to you Could you erase them from your mind How could I, how could I Chorus Oh no when I know Good love is hard to find If you dis you’ll find You shall … Continue reading

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All Is Well – Beres Hammond

I know I’m gonna feel real Good tonight oh yeah… Chorus All is well I can tell Cause I like the way I feel When I see you coming through I won’t lie, cause you take me on a high … Continue reading

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Much Have Been Said – Beres Hammond

Yeah baby we ‘ve been through so much Much have been said, about you and me baby I think it’s time to prove them wrong now All that love and all of that affection now Can’t you see that we’ve … Continue reading

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Warriors Don’t Cry – Beres Hammond

It’s either you’re in or out gotta know what you’re all about Be bold and strong Tell yourself you’re not doing wrong Once you’re in you’ve got to take it Make your mind up son and face it Because Warriors … Continue reading

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Cold Bumps – Beres Hammond

It isn’t all physical, nor biological But I know that I can count on you In my darkest hour oh baby oh baby I know you’re my friend who breaks me down And makes me feel like I’m gaining power … Continue reading

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Sing Glory – Beres Hammond

Intro: He gave us life, he gave us dreams Still some people act like we’re still in chains When there’s so much in life To live for and to be thankful for Chorus: You should a sing glory now Sing … Continue reading

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Black Beauty – Beres Hammond

A man must be strong, to live long Shake the negative vibe, trying to stay alive But I never said it would be easy Living in a system that you can’t win But by the time you know and slow … Continue reading

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Rose Garden – Beres Hammond

Do you know what I’d like to do right now I’d like to lay right down girl And put my arms around you Wonder where will I be let’s say six years from now I wish that I could still … Continue reading

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Full Attention – Beres Hammond

Intro: Oh baby, I would walk a mile, I would walk a mile ore two, Just for you baby. I wanna explain to you, that you’re the hit on every corner. Gotta confess to you girl, just what you’re doing … Continue reading

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Let It Go – Beres Hammond

Love is the connection That join two people together What a sweet connection When it’s right it will last forever But if you give it a try And you can’t get a vibes Take my advice If your heart’s not … Continue reading

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They Gonna Talk – Beres Hammond

Aey, some things were meant to be So why not let it be And stop worrying about it? Long as we know what’s in our hearts We know our inner thoughts Aey, no reason for concern, no They gonna talk, … Continue reading

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Sweet Lies – Beres Hammond

Now Jack is the mack and he comes around every Monday, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Every day of the week And even though I try to tell you that I love you From the bottom of my heart You had … Continue reading

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Promised Land – Dennis Brown

Whooaaahh, weeeeell now, hey, whoa well The Promised Land, going to the Promised Land Yes the Promised Land, to the Promised Land Make a step down to Wasmara, then we stopped in Addis Ababa Made our way to Shshamane land, … Continue reading

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Rockaway – Beres Hammond

Chorus: Oh Yeah Oh I Miss Those Days Yes I Miss Those Days Yeah Remember The Songs Used To Make You Rock Away Those Were The Days When Love Used To Reign , Hey We Danced All Night To The … Continue reading

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360 Turn – Beres Hammond

Strange Woman is strange Cho caan believe dis How come you tell me that you love me then you run away And if you love me why you listening to hearsay Cause in the night you pack you things and … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop a Man – Beres Hammond

Just wait a minute wait a minute Wait a minute before you say another word Now tell me… Chorus What can you do To stop a man from trying I said I wanna know now Nothing you can do To … Continue reading

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Heartbreak Lover Feat. Maxi Priest & Buju Banton – Beres Hammond

Maxi Priest: You can go if you wanna You can stay if you like You can do almost anything But you don’t run my life I don’t need you ultimatums I can’t deal with no stress You don’t run no … Continue reading

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Can You Play Some More – Beres Hammond

Pull up the vibes that you’re playing Can you play some more, can you play some more? Lift it up, jock it up, pull it up, come again now Can you play some more, can you play some more? Yes, … Continue reading

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Highlight of the Day – Beres Hammond

Dream Warriors Intro Beres Did I wake you too sudden baby Did I take you out of your slumber Did I disturb your sweetest dreams It’s just a lovers game I just had to do it baby trust me I … Continue reading

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Take Time to Love (Feat. Shaggy) – Beres Hammond

(Shaggy) Now I got to give this one a whole lot a love And this one goes out to them on a world wide tip Let them know that Beres Hammond is definitely Here to spread nothing but love Love … Continue reading

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Breathe Again

In Jesus name Listen mi eh! All my people in Texas Tel dem Mr. Franklin We’re gonna go down to Jamaica Not without You Jesus ah! Real quick yow! Listen check it! Papa San Watch yah CHORUS If you ever … Continue reading


I Call Her Blessed

I am blessed with a woman form outta mount Zion she’s my Abigail, virtuous woman, bones of my bones, my personal companion, one flesh fi complete di mission my love, my dove, my undefiled, I love the way you walk, … Continue reading


Step Pon Di Enemy

CHORUS Don’t ever be afraid to talk Cause life weh yuh live will determine yuh walk Through di valley of shadow mi pass an’ jus step pon di enemy Satan nuh penny mi Don’t ever be afraid to dance Deep … Continue reading



(excuse mi girt up yuh selves saints an mek the devil seet an, get bex)CHORUS 1A coulda New Testament or PentecostalOonu betta put it on, Oonu betta put it onOonu coulda walk go a church wid di bible inna yuh … Continue reading

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