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    Song Info

    Release Date:
    Song Year:

    (excuse mi girt up yuh selves saints
    an mek the devil seet an, get bex)
    CHORUS 1
    A coulda New Testament or Pentecostal
    Oonu betta put it on, Oonu betta put it on
    Oonu coulda walk go a church wid di bible inna yuh han
    Oonu betta put it on, Oonu betta put it on
    Oonu coulda fast twice a week an yuh prayer coulda long
    Oonu betta put it on, Oonu betta put it on
    Baptist, Methodist or Presbyterian
    Oonu betta put it on, Oonu betta put it on
    CHORUS 2
    Put on di armour
    Stand firm an, nuh tek di devil’s torture
    Gimme di sword a di spirit speak it anuh put it inna yuh pocket
    (Watch it yow)
    Mi hav, di authority fi rule an, reign
    Mi wash inna di blood of Emanuel’s vein
    Come awfa yuh problem stop yuh complain
    Hop awfa yuh problem train
    Yow, wi hav, di powah over di sickness an, powah over di pain
    Di powah ova di stress di powah ova di migraine
    Di powah ovah di opium di crack an, di cocaine there is power inna
    Jesus name

    CHORUS 2
    Yow, mi have di powah suh keep yuh hand stretch
    In di name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
    Rise up an, walk outta yuh distress fi get about di pass an,
    Press fi progress
    Mi hav, di powah fi stabilize mi country budget
    Fi mek Jamaica money wort di same as U.S.
    An, plant all mi foot inna satan neck an, cancel di war dung a wes,
    Yow, if yuh hav, dat powah mek mi si all a di hand
    Fi step pon snake trample scorpion
    Fi preach an, teach, rebuke demon
    Dem deh a di author of confusion
    Remember there is no condemnation
    But same time work out yu salvation
    Wid fear an, trembling tek awf di ol, man
    Wi a di light dat brighten Jam dung nation
    CHORUS 2
    CHORUS 1
    Wi hav, di powah fi mek evry demon get fraid
    Powah fi lick out cancer an, aids
    Powah fi raise all di dead from di grave
    Powah fi mek rasta man hol, a shave
    Powah fi get ridda false doctrine
    Powah fi clean up yuh dirty livin
    Powah fi mek niyah man start sing, Jesus Jesus di I is the king
    Powah fi mek deaf people hear mi
    Powah fi mek Stevie Wonder start si
    Powah fi convert half a G.P. an tek dem psychic fools awfa mi tv
    CHORUS 1
    CHORUS 2

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    1. RUTH Says:

      hey your song really touches . kudos

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