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    As a Christian

    by: | 4 Comments »

    Song Info

    Song Year:

    Brethren I greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
    Blessed love everytime yu know
    The only way to salvation is through Him enuh
    We love you Jesus, Check this
    Watch yah now
    As a Christian be a Good Samaritan
    Yu must show love to every man
    Donít turn you backs on the poorer class a people
    Always try to do the best you can
    As a Christian be a good Samaritan
    We must show love to every one
    Donít turn you backs on the poorer class a people
    Always try to do the best you can
    VERSE 1
    If yu a walk and see a man a kick
    Lying on the road cause Him a suffer from fitz
    Donít you ever pass skin up you face an a spit
    As a Christian pay attention to the sick.
    If yu inna bus an it ram till it twist
    Sidung at the window weh di cold breeze a lick
    A old Ďooman come een with a walking stick
    Get up stand up and mek the old lady sit.
    If yu an yu grandmother go to market
    An fi reach home unnu haffi walk it
    An she a suffer from arthritis
    Donít mek the lady carry the basket.
    If yu in a car, an a drive fast
    Stop a stop light and dem wipe off yu glass
    Donít bother screw and bend up yu face and get cross
    Bigger boss, give di youth dem a mass
    Mi tell dem seh now
    I myself is a Christian to enuh
    An mi nah only talk to people
    But mi a talk to mi self to
    Yeah, yeah yu haffi tell everyone this enuh
    VERSE 2
    Just because of things of the world and pride
    Thatís why have nuff Christian backslide
    Come out a de church and start to walk wide
    Some claim seh dem a look another way fi survive
    But the road to destruction is so big and wide
    That a one road weh mi donít plan fi drive
    Tek it by faith and mi haffi tek it by stride
    With Lord Jesus Christ by mi side
    Mi tell dem seh
    Yeah enuh
    Blessed love everytime enuh
    As weh mi seh before
    Me nah only talk to people out there
    But mi a talk to even mi self to enuh
    Cause wah, mi haffi pick the beam out mi eye first
    Before mi pick out a next man own, yeah
    Christ seh wi fi bear fruit enuh, and good fruit
    Blessed love everytime

    4 Responses to “As a Christian”

    1. shavonne Says:

      ya songs are da bomb

    2. naomie Says:

      i wont to contact the producer of papasang.send my the email adress please

    3. Anya Blair Says:

      hey you keep on singing for the lord bro

    4. ebony miller Says:

      omg papa san i just think you are so awesome…i love your music..my pastor introduced me 2 u….

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