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    Breathe Again

    by: | 18 Comments »

    Song Info

    Release Date:
    Song Year:

    In Jesus name
    Listen mi eh!
    All my people in Texas
    Tel dem Mr. Franklin
    We’re gonna go down
    to Jamaica
    Not without You
    Jesus ah!
    Real quick yow!
    Listen check it!
    Papa San
    Watch yah

    If you ever let me
    If you ever neglected me
    I would never breathe again
    Don’t think I’d ever breathe again
    I want to feel you near me Jeeesus
    I’m longing for your warming breath soooo
    I can breathe again, I want to breathe again

    VERSE 1
    I am like a ship without a rudder when I don’t have you
    Hopeless and lonely man don’t know what to do
    It nuh matter if mi surrounded by mi friends and crew
    Mi still breathless and desperate for some ting new
    My lord, change my heart I am not ok
    And it seem like mi need
    A spiritual x-ray
    And yu seh yu wouldn’t
    Leave whether night or day
    I can do without you
    No way, no way, no way.


    VERSE 2
    (Yuh know why listen mi)
    How can I mi just can’t
    Seet possible
    How can I walk without you
    Di invincible
    How can I mi waan fi embrace
    Yuh principle
    Break mi into syllables, teach how fi
    Breathe again incredible
    Wake mi up, shake mi up,breake mi up, make mi up
    Build di kind a character weh yuh want an, straighten
    Mi up
    Can’t si mi self without you that is dangerous
    Dangerous ,dangerous very , very dangerous

    Can’t make it without yu
    Can’t make it without you Jesus
    Without what will I do
    I’m crying
    I’m crying out for you
    I need you to help me
    Help mi

    VERSE 3
    Everybody come on, everybody come on,
    Everybody come on
    Talk to dem yaw
    All my people come on ,all my people come on
    All my people come on
    Tell mi how can I
    God’s people come on, my people come on
    God’s people come on
    Talk to dem yah Mr. Franklin cho
    Help mi breathe




    18 Responses to “Breathe Again”

    1. nina Says:

      what a lovcely song, because when u go through a situation and GOD takes u out u really feel renewed

    2. nina Says:

      GOD AND I is one of the best song one the album and i love it…..jesus really makes me smile again yes he did

    3. jessica Says:

      gret job1!!!! pappa san I love your new cd its awsome i listen to ot all the time.

    4. bigkitty Says:

      i love the song too! Isn’t jehovah great!?! he has done so much for us.

    5. Jimmy Says:

      I want thanks Papa San for praise the name of our lord all the time, for teaching us the gift of love and god bless you for give him this space, from Costa Rica, i really will like to see the God and I lyric

    6. Tes Says:

      This CD (God & I) is off the hook and so is the previous CD…I really love reggae, it’s one of my best genre of music, and Papa San is my favourite gospel reggae artist, I really enjoy this CD, I know almost all the lyrics of the songs especially, God & I and Pop Style…Keep up the excellent work you’re doing for Master Papa San, can’t wait for the next CD release. God Bless you and your family…

    7. chris Says:

      hi papa san i really love this album god blesss you

    8. charles Says:

      hi papa san, i really like the latest song (real and personal) the song is touching. say bless and keep giving us good music by God’s grace. jah bless man

    9. Sandra Says:

      wats up papa san ur album is great can wait for the next one,i really feel blessed everytime i listen to it. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!

    10. patience Says:

      i love this song so much because its a really nice song and it has a good meaning.papa san thanks for writing such a nice song.GOD BLESS YA.

    11. mETALmUSCLES Says:

      i great love song dedicated to JESUS. i love to song

    12. Dianne Samuels Says:

      I love this song. If you have a real love for this song, you would listen very keenly to every word said over and over because I have noticed an error in the chorus. It should say: If you ever left me, if you ever took your love from me I, I will never breathe again, don’t think id ever breathe again. I wanna feel you near me, Jeeeesus, I’m longing for your warm embrace so, I can breathe again, I wanna breathe again. The rest is correct. Thank you

    13. asha Says:

      i like this song my brother wish he is papa san go papa san

    14. asha Says:

      i like this song my brother wish he is papa san go papa san

    15. asha Says:

      i like this song my brother wish he is papa san go papa san

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