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    Come to My Soul Blessed Jesus

    by: | 3 Comments »

    Song Info


    Come to my soul blessed Jesus
    Hear me oh savior divine
    Open the fountain and cleanse me within
    Give me a heart like thine

    3 Responses to “Come to My Soul Blessed Jesus”

    1. T .R Says:

      General,I would really like to know where i can find this song,it isn’t on youtube,i have tried other places online but can’t seem to find,so maybe you can help me find it,since you have the lyrics of it up on this site,so can you please get back to me on that

    2. allison smith Says:

      my name is debbie smith on facebook and i am looking for the words of this song”come to my soul blessed jesus, all you gave me is the chorus, i need the whole song please send it to my email.

    3. Abelard Says:

      Big up bredren