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    Fast and Pray

    by: | 11 Comments »

    Song Info

    Song Year:

    Mi fully saved under the blood inna de church hall
    Caan forget about mi friends in the dancehall
    Joy and love mi have and great peace of mind
    And a dis mi want mi dancehall friend dem fi find

    Chorus X 2

    Fast and pray, fast and pray
    ‘Till Christ all a mi fren dem find
    Stitchie ago fast and pray, fast and pray
    And tell the devil get thee behind – me

    Awesome, powerful and great mighty father
    Save, protect and bless Bounty Killa
    ‘Cause you bless him with the voice of a warrior
    And mi want him plea the blood against Lucifer
    Faithful, righteous holy one
    In the name of Jesus Christ mi call Capleton
    Because you bless him as a talented young man and mi want him burn the fire pan Satan.

    Grace and mercy grant it oh Jesus, save and prosper bless Mr. Lexus help him to study daily your holy book and no tek another look inna a cookbook.
    Remember Moses Davis, yes Beenie man into his mouth lord God put a new song, talented excellent entertainer help him to accept Jesus Christ as him saviour.

    Chorus X 2

    Father you just you give mercy to everyone

    Grant some more to Brother Desmond, Ninja man let him return lord in your divine time use the rod of correction to get him back in line. Precious Jesus bless mi friend Professor nuts, save him Lord, help him to be serious, help him to study Exodus and Leviticus and over Satan head run the mini-bus. I pray for Baby Cham bless him with a miracle, mi fren Buju, all me Fren Tony Rebel, mi know the enemy can be wicked and terrible so save Spraga, Shabba, Cobra from the Devil.

    Chorus X 2

    Jesus, remember Bling DAWg, Elephant man, shocking vibes crew by your spirit CHANGE them lives and make dem brand new. Alozade, Captain Barky, Wickerman all Sizzla too, save dem change dem, then use dem to serve you. Touch Shaggy with you blood and set him free, when you bless him make him bawl out, it is me! In need of prayer now me gone down on me knees, “GIVE SEAN PAUL DI LIGHT MEK HIM GET BUSY”, right now! As we pray to you Jesus Christ, Mr. Vegas, me brother transform him life I declare in sin he will not die In your kingdom help him to hold his head high General Trees, Brigadier Jerry, Chaplin, Yellow Man, Ricky Stereo, Daddy Blue from Stereo One Father remember Wolf man was me right hand and for their lives Lord me know you have a new plan

    Admiral Bailey, Tiger, Josie Wales and Super Cat Dispatch your Angels and protect dem from all attack Holy spirit, lead dem on the right track in the name of Jesus none of dem will turn back.

    Chorus X 2

    The Devil come to destroy, kill and steal

    Save Lady G, Saw, Chrissie D and Cecile, Lady Mackrel and Patra, save dem too and dem will testify good things about you

    Let your spirit shock the crew name monster, fill them with power, let dem be more than conquerorS, grant your mercy plenty to Merciless and change him name from warhead to Godhead. I pray for Red rat, Hawkeye and Degree, Buccaneer, Danny English and many more please.

    Chorus x 2

    11 Responses to “Fast and Pray”

    1. risa Says:

      this song is gonna be around for a long time
      this is a well put together song …………good work stitchie

    2. telesha Says:

      this is a powerful song that i believe can change the lives of many…………..good job stitchie keep doin ya thing for God!

    3. Nev Says:

      A powerful song that must be duplicated for future djs. As each one make a change this song must be re-recorded with new names listed. Good work Stitch! Dow tun back!

    4. Bigmama Says:

      Hmm.. this song has a strong message as some of our needs cannot be gained from just prayer but by fasting as well.

    5. andrea Says:

      I think this site is very good. Keep up the great work and thumbs up to the person or persons who created this site.

      I would like the lyric for the song “if yu a carry go bring come chriatian nuh bring it ina zion” by Patrick Blair. Emailed to my email address

    6. Anya Blair Says:

      good wuk keep it up

    7. Wimax Qusairi Says:

      Excellent article!!! Always keep it up.

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    9. seo boca raton Says:

      I cant add your site feed to netnewswire. Anybody else having this problem?

    10. richi-vaun Says:

      thats my number 1 song mi love it

    11. Lady J Says:

      I absolutley love this song!!! I was a Stichie fan back in the day and now I’m an even bigger FAN of his music because he’s using his talent for a higher purpose. Gwaan Stitch…ah God run tings!

    Leave a Reply