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    FORGIVE ME (1 John 1:8-10 )

    by: | 1 Comment »

    Song Info

    Release Date:
    Song Year:

    I have limit your powers with lies
    I have made you so small in my eyes
    I have doubted your help so many times
    Clinging to foolish pride
    I have foolishly thought I was wise
    I have questioned your words and asked why
    I have wondered why all men must die
    But now I confess and cry

    Chorus x 2
    Father forgive me for all the wrongs I’ve done
    Forgive me, oh help me to be strong
    I’ve been blinded by deception
    But you still hold my hand

    I have treated your love so unkind
    By not giving you all of my time
    Taken for granted your sacrifice
    And still did not realize
    I have closed up my ears to your voice
    I have suffered making ugly choice
    I have obeyed foolish advice
    And i’ve paid an expensive price

    Chorus x 2

    How could I doubt you when you said you will
    Why do I worry and you give me still
    Why do I worry when you said it’s done
    Living in fear when you gave me your Son

    Chorus x2

    Written by Cleve Laing
    Published by Drum & Bass Music & Publishing Co. Ltd. (PRS)

    Lead Vocals: Cleve “Stitchie” Laing.
    BGVs: Sophia Laing, Abigail McDonald & Sharon Beaton.
    Recording Engineers: Roland McDermott, Delroy Pottenger & Robert “Bobby Digital” Dixon. Recorded Live at Tuff Gong Recording Studio, 220 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11, Digital ‘B’ Studio, 6 Rons Avenue, Huhgenden Kingston 20 & Anchor Recording Co. Ltd. 7 Windsor Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I. Musicians: Drums: Devon Richardson, Bass & Acoustic Guitar: Anthony Anderson,
    All Keyboards: Craig McDonald.

    One Response to “FORGIVE ME (1 John 1:8-10 )”

    1. Mr Purpose Says:

      i need real power the album by stitchie

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