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    Funky Kingston

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    Song Info


    “Everybody, give it to me huh
    Hey Hey Hey
    I want you to believe every word I say
    I want you to believe every thing I do
    I said music is what I’ve got to give
    and I’ve got to find some way to make it
    Music is what I’ve got baby
    I want you to come on and shake it
    shake it shake it baby
    oh yeah hey
    na na na…
    oh yeah..na na na

    Funky (x3)
    Funky Kingston, is what I’ve got for you
    oh yeah
    Funky Kingston, yeah is what I’ve got for you
    Funky Kingston
    oh yeah

    Lemme hear your funky guitar
    yo reggae
    hear the piano, stick it to me

    watch me now
    you watch me now
    Playing from east to west yeah
    I just play from north to south, yeah
    I love black America
    people keep on asking me for
    Funky Kingston
    But I ain’t got none
    somebody take it away from me”

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