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    Give Him the Praise

    by: | 1 Comment »

    Song Info

    Give Him the praise

    Give him the praise cause he is amaz…ing
    For all of my days my love stays
    Its not just a phase the fire is blaz…ing
    Now and always my love stays

    I will bless thy name in whatever
    Great is the LORD His mercy endureth forever
    He is with me in all of my endeavors
    I wont forsake him no…I could never
    For i am His and He is mine forever
    Our relationship no wicked one cannot sever
    He is in my heart and is sealed can’t be levered
    Satan thinks he is clever…however…i’m gonna…

    Rept Chorus

    DJ Verse
    Troy Genius read the books of di torah
    About how god bun out Sodom an Gomorrah
    Mi search ina mi self deep deep just for a
    Sinful way ina mi mind or da core ya
    Drop pon mi knees and pray from aurora
    Ask God fi purge di sinful ways weh store ya
    Forgiveness and blessings a weh me want more a
    So mi just send up di praises plethora

    Praise him…ina di hard times
    Praise him…when you eena yu prime
    Praise him…with cymbals and chimes
    Praise him…because He is sublime
    When mi pray mi beg God fi stop di crime
    And everyday the praises haffi climb
    From fimi heart Jesus remove the grime
    suh nuh matter where you see me just know that i’m…gonna…

    One Response to “Give Him the Praise”

    1. michael solano Says:

      god bless

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