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    God Is by Our Side – Kerron Ennis

    by: | 1 Comment »

    Song Info

    Why worry, why be dismayed
    As if God has gone away
    Why be so downcast when you
    Have a Living Hope
    You’re the victor when God is by your side

    We can make it, if we try
    God is by our side
    Even when we’re broken up inside
    He’s right by our side
    So don’t you ever give up
    Don’t you give in
    If you trust and believe
    He’ll stay by your side

    Don’t let pressures of this life dictate your future
    Once God is by your side you will see a brighter day
    Exercise your faith believing in His Words
    For He’s all God He’s always on time
    So I want you to know that

    How can we give up we’ve come too far to turn back now
    We’ve been through hills and valleys
    Yet we survived for God was by our side
    God is a God of His words
    He will never let us down
    When problem comes your way just remember

    One Response to “God Is by Our Side – Kerron Ennis”

    1. James Chitupa Says:

      I was giving up at my job but whaaal!! I am taking up my amour and am going to stand for my Faith and my dear Lord Jesus will carry my through. i have gone through a lot to get here, and God has seen me through. Why should I leave him now? In my weaknesses thats when I see his great hand. Ennis thank you, you just inspired me.

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