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    Time Is Running Out

    by: | 3 Comments »

    Song Info

    Time is Running Out
    By Roger O.A Shaw

    I’m seeing people who are living in the cold no one to turn no where to call their homes the pain and suffering they face is more than anyone should bear. What are we doing this time to show them that we really care?

    Time is running out Time is running out

    Time is running out you better be ready*2

    Denomination oh somebody please help me understand where did we go wrong losing precious souls to man made religions lets get a game plan to take the lord’s message to every man that salvation is free and Christ died for you and me

    Its time now to our leaders it time for you to take a decisive stand, stand for our country stop being so confused about who should lead, lead! Pay more attention to society we need more harmony more peace more love and unity!

    Hear the nations sing stop all evil games it time we make a change having heart and attitude for each other rearranged its not a guessing game we can not remain the same the killing the fussing the fighting come now all lets be reunited.

    3 Responses to “Time Is Running Out”

    1. talent searcher Says:

      These are some really powerful lyricks man. Man you are a great writer. You must have been inspired Roger Shaw, keep up the Man, this is really great work up. I love it, powerful words. Really touching…Great voice too.

    2. Philemon Christian Says:

      i have fallen in love. it is pretty nice and the lyrics are Human Go Brother

    3. Alvado LaServant Says:

      Thank you, I give God the praise. Please help me share this message, for a better Jamaica and better world.

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