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    God Man

    by: | Comments Off on God Man

    Song Info


    Intro: In da Lord we trust, serving is a mus, He’s di Alpha yeah da fus, this is DJ Nicholas

    Intro Chorus: When you hear di trumpet or di flute, know it’s a battle, time fi put you vehicle inna drive, tek it out trackle, like Mary Mary, you ago use you foot kick off shackle, win di war so easy an mi body

    Chorus: A whey di God man dem dey? Di Matthew Mark di Luke and di John dem dey, sold out fi Christ weh di hand dem dey, all a di devil plan mek wi fan dem weh, we a go run dem weh. Rept.

    Verse 1: A which part Moses fi go part di sea, set di people free intercede pon him knee (Intercessor), I hope you agree which part Abraham That man of faith that man a God so great, God tell him move him no wait? (Friend of God) Some a wi can’t relate which part Noah, fi go build di ark? mek di heathen them laugh, talk Noah neva sky lark (Never doubted), Some judgement going dark, an a which part John fi go preach the word preach it up like a storm? anointed from him born, a which part all di man a God gone?

    (Intro Chorus)

    (Chorus x2)

    Weh di god ooman dem deh? Di Mary, Martha, di Miriam dem deh? Sold out fi Christ, weh di hand dem deh, all a di devil plan mek wi fan dem weh, wi a go run dem weh. Rept.

    Verse 2: Fi preach di gospel nuff man ago dead but don’t worry because Christ a yu head in di last days di moon ago tun black an di sun blood red ( sun blood red) in di lake of fire a whey God throw hell it was prophesied Babylon fell, remember without di mark a di beast yu can’t buy or sell( can’t buy or sell). Remember di word a God so profound, ones who endure wont be let down, one’s out a great tribulation God, put them inna white gown (inna white gown)lamb to di slaughter a Him weear di crown. Man of God, neva yu try tek God fi clown, for at di great white throne judgement every work shall be found, work shall be found (work shall be found).

    (Intro Chorus) Â


    A weh di God man dem deh?

    In da Lord wi trust

    A weh di God man dem deh?

    Serving is a mus

    A weh di God man dem deh?

    In Jesus wi trus

    A weh di God man dem deh?

    Serving is a mus

    A weh di God man dem deh?Â


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