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    God Man

    by: | 21 Comments »

    Song Info


    In the Lord we trust, serve him is a must
    He’s the Alpha yea the fus, this is DJ Nicholas

    (Into Chorus)
    When you hear the turmpet or the flute, know it’s a battle,
    time fi put you vehicle inna drive, tek it out trackle,
    like Mary Mary, you ago use you foot kick off shackle, win the war so easy an mi body

    A whey the god Man them dey? The Matthew Mark the Luke and all the John them dey,
    sold out fi Christ whey di hand them dey, all the plan wi ago fan them, we ago fan them whey

    (Verse 1)
    A which part Moses fi go part the sea, set the people free intercede pon him knee? intercessor, I hope you agree which part Abraham That man of faith that man a God so great,
    God tell him move him no wait?
    friend of God, some a wi can’t relate which part Noah, fi go build the ark? mek the heathen them laugh, talk Noah neva sky lark never doubted, some judgement going dark, an a which part John fi go preach the word preach it up like a storm? annointed from him born, a which part all the man a God gone?

    (Verse 2)
    Fi preach the gospel nuff man ago dead but don’t worry because Christ a yu head in the last days the sun ago tun black an the moon blood red in the lake of fire a whey God throw hell it was prophesied Babylon fell, remember without the mark a the beast yu can’t buy or sell. Remember the word a God so profound, ones who endure wont be let down, one’s out a great tribulation God, put them inna white gown lamb, the slaughter a Him weear the crown. Man of God, neva yu try tek God fi clown, for at the great white throne judgement every. Every work shall be found, work shall be found.

    21 Responses to “God Man”

    1. richea perry Says:

      that a big god tune big rh7ymes ministra

    2. bandeedo Says:

      da tune yah a big tune, big up yuh self dj Nicholas or minister Nicholas

    3. bandeedo Says:

      my youth yuh album bad all glory to the almighty still, Minister just keep up di good work and may the Lord bless you and your family

    4. karen Says:

      relevant music for today’s youth…and everybody else. we in Belize loving it. God bless DJ Nicholas. my son’s favourite is Naa Bow

    5. jamie Says:

      i love this song, i love the whole album nuff love.
      god bless

    6. Kerry Says:

      Love this song, love the album, my favourite song is Naa Bow. Naa Bow is de big tune, relevant for persons of all ages and stages as we daily need to choose to stand for Christ and not bow to the enemy. Esp. relevant to youth. God bless you Minister Nicholas, keep up the God work, continue to go where the Lord leads, go where he sends you.

    7. julian Says:

      Trust me this song is the real thing. The album is excellent especially “naa bow”. Continue with what u doing Dj NIc cause we as young people appreciate you.

    8. everjoy Says:

      luv dis song. its da real deal, yo can u get me da lyrics of da whole album if any of u hav em. chazyt4real [ at ]hotmail. co. uk

    9. Kris Goode Says:

      My youth yu tune sell off and yu album a di wickedest thing. Gwan do yu thing fi christ and keep holding the faith.

    10. monique king Says:

      dj nicholas is my favourite gospel artist he has a strong voice and he is a truly chosen vessel of God.brother jkust continue living for God.my favourite song ‘NAH BOW’ Gods richest blessing be with you

    11. shello Says:

      rhyme ministea continue to give god the glory

    12. dj shello Says:

      bless di lord mi bro and continue to dj for him

    13. kereese holness Says:

      DJ Nick you are blessed and highly favoured. you have touched many lives including mine with your ministry, continue to minister for the Lord and keep the faith.

    14. cheyenne Says:

      i am truly blessed by Dj Nick’s ministry and i just want to seh kee’ up da good work for tha Lord.

    15. Theodore Says:

      Great song!!!!!!!

    16. Tameka Cluney Says:

      Dis joint sell off, its my ringtone, we need more songs like these, dj nic dont watch no face and continue doing it the proper way!

    17. Sutty Says:

      a true a weh di God man dem deh. in our society today u can hardly find one they r in di bars, clubs or jus on di corner doing all manner of evil!!!!!!!

      WE NEED FI WIN DEM FI JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

    18. tameica blair Says:

      keep strong nuh wach nuh face keep trong dj nick caz you know u a god man like mathew mark luke and jhon.

    19. tameica blair Says:

      keep strong nuh wach nuh face keep trong dj nick caz you know u a god man like mathew mark luke and jhon.

    20. dason Says:

      really like that song

    21. dason glasgow Says:

      dj nicholas i got some songs i want u to listen to I wrote then my self u can get me on this email address xxxxxx (email removed from comment)