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    God Over Money

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    Song Info

    Song Year:

    Fi di glory ah Jesus ah suh mi sing.
    Mi ah preach bout the love in Him.
    Nah do dis fi nuh money ting.

    Him use to dwell in ah di house ah di Lord now him ah leave from it.
    Fi get rich him haffi evil and demonic.
    Gain the world and lose him soul,
    Him heart cold.
    Sell out Jesus fi call dis “feem” planet.
    Nuff man nuh wah work fi nuh man.
    And who want a work ah still search fi a job.
    The system mek dem learn fi guh bad.
    Get rich by any means and nuh yearn fi nuh God.

    Ah God Only! Suh mi make cream.
    Cuz mi nuh chase money, money chase me.
    Money come to Christian dat ah mi nature.
    Cuz mi nuh run down nuh man guh fi nuh paper.

    God Only! Suh mi make cream.
    Cuz we nuh chase money, money chase me.
    Rich in ah God cyaah poor in ah life.
    Cuz all ah mi blessing dem store in ah Christ.

    Verse 2:
    Mi nuh wah no money medz drop in ah mi ting.
    Drop in ah mi ting, drop in ah mi ting.
    Cuz ah truth over fame and popularity
    Popularity, popularity.
    And ah Christ me put pan top in everyting.
    Put God first pan top Him ah di King.
    Christ Him provide fi mi life mek I fi survive.
    Haters cyaah stop in ah mi ting.

    Verse 3:
    Mi nah sell out God fi nuh car and house mi nuh care weh di place look like.
    Mi nuh care who yuh be or who yuh face look like, nah do nuh song wid secular fi facebook like.
    Rather guwaan hol’ all ah nine to five and give thanks from nine to five.
    And work hard! Till ah my time fi rise.
    Dem nuh wah see Lypher rise…Covenant…

    God Over Money, God Over Money
    Ministry we seh, nothing nuh funny ah jus…
    God Over Money….


    Produced by Covenant Entertainment
    Written by Sean Lypher

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