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    God We Need – Kerron Ennis

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    Song Info


          God is all we need,He is all we need to see, God is all we need to believe, He gave us life again, You should have died or lost your mind, When you were faced with problems of all kind But God stepped in right on time, Yes He did, now you can smile again, When our backs against the wall, Only god we can depend on, When families and friends forsake you, Just remember He’s a mother, father, Healer Provider, lover He’s everything


    (S) God without apology, all the bag a vanity whey dey yah dat no badda mi

    Need can be a tragedu but massa God dun tell me all mi needs Him will supply mi who me yes you couldn’t be, den is who God alone mi need, a yuh can do di same too whatever the need.  Whatever the place all if yuh need a pair a shoe God specializing in blessing but it’s all up to you and you


    1, 2 I know taht Him have the remedy fi all di bag a problem dem whey dey ya and a badda mi if yuh wan to windify the trategy, just praise Him inna di morning, lift Him name an give Him glory. Who me yes you couldn’t be den is who trust God for yuh rent and fi yuh mortgage whey due.  Hungry a bite and you can’t cook a pot a stew.  Even the dumplin an de peas Him wi provide dat too

    Thou problems may come your way (God is all we need)

    And every one forsake you (God is all we need)

    No money in our pockets, no food on the table say (God is all we need)

    Cry Lord help us Jesus (God is all we need)

    When the enemy comes in just like a flood (God is all we need)

    Say, say daddy you promise to lift up a standard against them (God is all we need)

    God is all we’ll ever need (God is all we need)

    God is He is all we need yeah



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