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    Heaven My Home

    by: | 3 Comments »

    Song Info

    I’m leaning on the everlasting arm
    of Jesus, until the day he come
    though i know it’s not the good I’ve done
    but i know through Jesus there is a victory to be won
    if i don’t make it
    it’s only me to blame, because I’ve been warn time and time again

    I want to make heaven my home
    i don’t want to labor in vain
    heaven my home lord help me to make it in for no matter what it takes
    i really want to make heaven my home

    I’m convinced that once I’m in his present
    i cant be harm
    for he’s my defense
    and though temptation often comes my way
    the hand of Jesus
    will guide me day by day
    and though the way to life is a narrow path
    a sacrifice until the world have past

    Rept chorus

    The lord he wrote my life
    with his grace and mercies
    he set me free
    from all infirmities
    now that i know
    what right from what wrong
    I’m going to keep holding on…………..
    (keep on holding, keep on holding)

    Rept chorus
    (Submitted by By Trudi on 06.09.10 12:04 pm )

    3 Responses to “Heaven My Home”

    1. stacey Says:

      that song is so good it tuch me and my life

    2. Shelly Says:

      Indeed, my goal is to make heaven my home. Love this song so much. The song states no matter what it takes i really want to make heaven my home. No matter what tribulation, persecution, suffering etc. i want to see Jesus amen. According to Romans 8vs18 : the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

    3. nicola Says:

      heaven is my home

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