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    I Call Her Blessed

    by: | 2 Comments »

    Song Info

    Release Date:
    Song Year:

    I am blessed with a woman form outta mount Zion she’s my Abigail,
    virtuous woman, bones of my bones, my personal companion, one flesh
    fi complete di mission
    my love, my dove, my undefiled, I love the way you walk, I love the way
    you smile. You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride, you’ve stolen
    my heart from one glance of your eyes. How much more pleasing is
    love than wine, because you give me fresh fruits from outta yu vine.
    What I have is yours because you are mine and for better and for worst
    And even all the time, watch ya, yu a di stem in a di apple of mi
    Family, it woulda fall if yu nuh hold it pon di apple tree, yu show mi
    Love in a di middle of yu tragedy, yu bear mi children and yu run di
    Nursery, yu even know how to fight principalities, cause yu never
    Compromise yu Christianity, I love yu ways and yu sweet personality
    Pause yu look good, pretty than mahagony
    Fair as the moon and clear as the sun, words of encouragement a flow
    Offa yu tongue, thou art beautiful, my forever young, a stream of living
    Water weh always a run. My garden of flowers that burst out and
    You are more than that when yu step ina mi room, releasing the
    Of a sweet perfume, honey God bless yu womb, God bless yu womb.
    Thank you father for the kids dem weh yu bless mi wid, cause
    You’ve given me
    A lady that I can’t resist, I will always be attracted to her
    Tenderness, I am walking in love, I don’t fall in it, tell mi how can I
    Fall when my love’s so strong. I am proud of you honey, you’re the only
    One, the father put you down for me so baby take my hand, I realize I
    Was standing in my sinking sand

    2 Responses to “I Call Her Blessed”

    1. nina Says:

      its so nice that u can take the time out to dedicate a song to your wife not many people does that. she should really feel blessed because she will always remain on your side no matter what u go through…. continue to love and appreciate her..

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