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    Jamaican Me Crazy – Jason B

    by: | 1 Comment »

    Song Info

    Jamaican me good, Jamaican me bad
    Jamaican Me Crazy Jamaican me fine, Losing my mind
    Jamaican Me Crazy  

    I’m a little bit amused by the situation I find myself in
    Still living in the city but my hearts far away
    On a little island
    On my island is my woman she gives me love Like I can never forsake
    She moving my heart she moving my soul With every breath I take
    And I feel free

    When She looks at me…


    I don’t wanna know about the evening news or the stockmarket
    I’m a little bit confused but all I need is her love I can’t forget
    I don’t fool but when she’s in my space I feel quite alright
    Heading to a place everybody got soul so we can dance all night

    And we feel free

    As she says to me…




    Jason B


    Jason B


    Jason B is a rock/pop artist based in Australia who was born in Kingston.

    Known for his catchy pop/rock tunes and energetic live shows, Jason also has a commitment to raising awareness of issues of poverty in the third world.

    In addition to performing in Australia and the South Pacific Jason B has recently toured India where he was greatly moved by the needs of people living in the third world.

    Find information about his music and free music downloads at http://www.jasonb.com.au/

    Visit his official myspace music page at www.myspace.com/jasonbofficial

    Ignite your senses with Jason B. Energetic music with a positive message and songs to make you feel good.  


    One Response to “Jamaican Me Crazy – Jason B”

    1. leonard mabasa Says:

      i was very impressed with tour love lyrics. it makes me feel as i have a woman besides me.