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    Let It Go – Beres Hammond

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    Song Info

    Song Year:

    Love is the connection
    That join two people together
    What a sweet connection
    When it’s right it will last forever
    But if you give it a try
    And you can’t get a vibes
    Take my advice
    If your heart’s not in it let it go

    Stop wasting time
    Don’t fool yourself it won’t grow
    Now if you heart’s not in it let it go
    Stop wasting time, don’t fool yourself It won’t grow

    It’s not like a game
    Where you loose today
    And win tomorrow
    Use up your brain
    You don’t want your world
    To tumble over
    Don’t you rush in
    Cause you’ll never win
    Take my advice
    If your hearts not in it let it go


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