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    Mi a Wait – Romain Virgo

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    Song Info

    Song Year:


    Mi naw, mi naw, mi naw, mi naaaaaw, Jah know seh mi naaaaw
    Yow frass meck mi tell yuh this

    {Verse 1}

    If shi seh shi naw gimmi naw take it
    naw hold down no girl fi get dem love
    No girl cayn seh me ever did force down pon dem fi get dem love
    Shi could a brown an pretty
    An have a small body wid di wickidest shape
    From shi seh no no meck shi gwaan are ways


    Mi prefer wait
    MI prefer wait
    Mi naw charge fi rape

    MI prefer wait
    Mi prefer wait
    No waan si no prison gate

    Frass mi rather wait
    Mi rather wait
    Mi naw charge fi rape

    Mi rather wait
    Mi rather wait
    No waan si no prison gate no

    {Verse 2}

    Any man wa a hold down woman in a corner without are consent
    Simple mean seh yuh violate di law
    Bwoy yuh fi get sentence
    Yuh a beat up di people dem daughter like seh a your own
    From shi seh no no leave are alone

    {Repeat Chorus}

    {Repeat Verse 1}

    {Repeat Chorus}

    {Repeat Intro}

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