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    Naa Bow

    by: | 104 Comments »

    Song Info


    LIving in a world that is so hard to live in,
    To live this Christian life unu betta start fighting,
    PLea the blood of Jesus over u Christian walking,
    Backbiting, malice keeping, stealing, cheating, sinful nature,
    Jesus weap, when him look down a earth an see the bad behaviour,
    Teenagers, I know u young an feeling the sexual desires,
    Peer pressure lick u an u feel u wudda tek some a di pressure,
    But listen to the song ya!!

    Nuh matter how the circumstances waa come,
    We naa go bow to nuh Satan.
    NUh matter how the circumstances waa come,
    I will worship you , worship.
    No matter how the circumstances waa come,
    We naa go bow to no Satan,
    No matter how the circumstances waa come,
    We naa go bow we naa bow.

    Daddy never deh a yard,
    Mommy deh pon her face a bawl,
    Lawd, when u a go see me through?
    U fight to go to school everyday becuz u know how situation stay,
    Wasting time is not an option to u,
    Yet still at times,
    u wonder why,
    Live has to be this way,
    But be still ma child, Jesus is by ur side, and all His promises a go come through on time.

    Rept cho.

    Fi di boss raise u pay,
    U clothes him waa u fi tek off,
    Him waa fi check u out after the goods dem get check-off
    Yu classmates, waa u follow them an bun class,
    fi look fi man, den dem use unu an a laugh.
    Man yu brethren dem a gi yu gun fi carry go lock off,
    dem waa u carry shot an if yu nuh do it dem seh u soft
    Waa u idle pon the corner, smoke weed an slack off
    Tell them NO, Jesus Christ him a u rod an him a u staff so back-off back-off

    104 Responses to “Naa Bow”

    1. Roxanne Says:

      Whoa! what must I say….Naa Bow is my favourite on this album its the perfect song for this generation. You are truly BLESSED!! Keep on doing your thing.
      p.s Your whole album is just awesome even my 3 and 4 year olds know most of the songs on your album. After all its the household favourie CD
      God bless u!!

    2. Amoy Says:

      My God, I love this song

    3. MR.snicka Says:

      its sick but cut out the chrestian thing about jesus any way sick man i loved it kk keep it up

    4. melissa Says:

      well this my favourite gospel song. it’s really nice and speaks of true things. dj nicholas is my fav male gospel artist and is a very powerful and talented man

    5. lester Says:

      I love to hear your songs i think the best ting for this generation espeally your testimony.I hope it touch millons out there,keep up the good work and GOD bless.

    6. JANNA Says:

      I just want to say big up! and all the best in your ministry

    7. martin Says:

      me ago tell yuh dis dutty wine a de lick an me waan say dis many other white bway like i man speak a de patios too. big up hinglan

    8. martin Says:

      another ting me ago say to yuh yellowman an im fresh new track orphan is one a mi big time favourite tune any more bway a oo intrested in a yellowman leave yuh reply

    9. Georgie Says:

      I love what you doing.. i went bac home 2 westmorland an my cuzin dem a blaze ur c.d…. i went out an bought me one an dem carry cum bac to da u.s cause u noe di song dem bad so mi haffy promote dem. Now we all a sign dem inna church….. God bless you.

    10. Michael Says:

      I got your cd when you came to miami and minister at our church MBC http://www.metropolitanbaptistonline.com this song is sweet I had to give it a haul and pull up and rewind when i first heard it on the cd. Blessings. Who God bless, no man curse.

    11. Nadine W. Says:

      Hey DJ Nicholas, I pray di lawd gi yuh di anointing of nine ministers. Jah bless yuh mi bredda!

    12. martin Says:

      yo nadine w. me haffi seh mi like yuh message to d.j nicholas dat message sweet sistah. an mi haffi seh one more ting BUN OUT DAT BUMBOCLAAT SATAN. DAT BWOY IS PURE FUCKERY. JAH BLESS YUH NADINE. IF YUH AGREE WIT I-MAN LEAVE YUH MESSAGE HERE BABY.

    13. Trishauna Linton Says:

      hey nick!!
      i am a 14yr. old female who is struggling in her christian walk. this song motivates me as a youth. keep on ministerin the gospel with ur big mouth, no doubt(LOL)
      ur album is d bom!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      may god continue to bless u an ur crew!!
      nuff love

    14. kodi Says:

      mi like di page

    15. A.A.H. campionite Says:

      campion will be signing 2 this song for I.S.C.F. week! URE SONG IS HAAD! nuff luv! ^^

    16. Ashlee Says:

      This song mek nuf people jus feel goooooood . aka campiongirl

    17. Anesa Barnes Says:

      U came a long way! U a great example of strength and perseverance. Your songs r so so great. Continue to do God’s work, He will give you ur deserved reward.

    18. Tameka Cluney Says:

      This is one of my fav gospel song, as i wake up is it a sing, it mad dj nicholas continue the good work. Luv yah!

    19. Sheryl Smith Says: Says:

      This song is a true inspiration to young people. I think you are really God blessed. Your song has meaning. Keep trusting the Lord for your direction.

    20. Gracian Says:

      This song i a real inspiration to me and whenever i feel like giving up or feel like i cant go on this song reminds me that there is hope.
      Continue doing wat you are doing!

    21. kenny Says:

      Yeh dis song is the bomb. I love it I love it…………………
      I haad fi chu

    22. kimberly Says:

      wow, all I can say is wow!. you are so talented, this song ( naa bow) as really blessed my heart, and I hope people wil continue to be blessed by your songs. God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. lady_shiesty13 Says:

      this song is sooooooooo nice god bless

    24. Kalesha Wickham Says:

      This has been my greatest inspiration. Yea going thru them tough times this has help to build my trust and faith in God . Keep on doing wat yu doing Bro. God Bless you

    25. debbie Says:

      i luv this song so much dis is ma favourite gospel song!!! NUFF LUV

    26. Samantha Says:

      This is a wonderful song. All of DJ Nicholas’ songs are absolutely great. He will be successful for many years to come.

    27. Chantel Says:

      Ilove that song!It was so an inspiration to me.Dj Nicholas keep up the good joy and live for God and he alone

    28. Latoya Says:

      As a young christian this song has truly been an inspiration from the first time i heard it. It encourages me alot in my walk with Christ,it has helped me not 2 resist temptations & seek God more.I love this song,Kevin & Dj nicholas keep doing God’s work!!! God Bless

    29. Latoya Says:

      It has helped me 2 resist temptaions !!! sorry 4 the mistake

    30. kimberly Says:

      i love this song it is such an inspiration to me and it helps me in a way that if i see that i’m gonna do something wrong i just sing the song and wow it tells me something different every time i listen or sing it GOD BLESS EVERY TIME.

    31. cutieg Says:

      this song is real powerful it encourages me to stay on the right track.Jesus him a mi rod and mi staff. it reiterates that we dont have to fall prey to satan”s plans .I played this song over and over and i still cant get enough of it I luv it. DJ nicholas you are a true blessing.keep the faith

    32. mimi Says:

      Just want to says i love ur son it is a testimony to us as young people. It is basically telling us exactly what is going on everyday life. I hope the Lord will continue to bless u and anoint u. All the best in your endeavours. BLESSINGS.

    33. MIMI Says:

      May God bless you and keep praising God

    34. jackie hanover Says:

      wow well i,m a singer and im now rissing but when i heard this song o my gosh i was captured fromt he first verse i love this song soooooooooo much god bless u and keep on keepin on

    35. jackie hanover Says:

      i cried the first time i heard it bcuz itz really inspiring god bless son

    36. Chrissy Says:

      DJ Nicholas is a God blessed and anointed Christian…….His perforMance at Genesis 2008 was inspiring to a young person like Me. Keep strong in the lord

    37. lady tc Says:

      it is very good

    38. NAKESHA KELLY Says:


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    42. TAMEICA Says:


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    44. Stephon Says:

      Gr8 song, really ministers and d anointing is wid it. Keep going strong and na compramise u stand. I admire your love 4 Jesus.

    45. AYOTAL Says:

      THE SONG SELL OFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      2 DI HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. AYOTAL Says:

      THE SONG SELL OFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      2 DI HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    47. Janeilla Says:

      This song really ministered to me after a break-up that happened cuz I was’nt gonna have sex.Thanks Dj Nich.

    48. Stephen A Wildes Says:

      Thats good

    49. shantal stanley Says:

      i love this song. it inspires me to move forward when ever times seems hard and the running is hard. dj keep doing what your doing becuz u are a disciple sent by god to gather his sheep and bring forth good fruits in his seasons. you are my role model and no other can test.

    50. philisia Says:

      i love this. the words r really strong and there is a message to it

    51. jamicia Says:

      nicholas i really n truly love ur song words can’t even express.im a 13yr old who is goin through alot, peer pressure n alot more.ur song really inspired me alot, its speaks of reality n thats y i love u n ur songs they r all reality.n from now on any1 of my peers that trys to pressure me i will be bold enough to tell them that JESUS CHRIST him a mi rod an mi staff so back off.becuz the lord says if i be ashamed of him he will be ashamed of me.So God bless u n continue the gr8 work that God hav used to to do.love always

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