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    Nuffer Demma Trie _ Kruxial Selecta

    by: | 2 Comments »

    Song Info




    Nuffer demma trie

    Still dem go die

    Pon dis yuh one

    Mi ah di don number one

    (repeat chorus)

    Verse 1

    Uno better pack up

    Uno bulletproof vest

    Shots whe mi shot at

    Ah shoot yuh straight  to dem chest

    Dis yuh chune fe sure  it ah fe mek

    Di man at Black Lab go crazy

    Chune after chune di man at

    Top shatta betta get ready

    Interforce ah cumin` in red hot an crazy

    Man wan fe know call it top rockin`

    Interforce  nuh stop  rockin`

    24-7 di gal dem nuh stop callin`

    Anywhe yuh trie tes` mi ah show yuh

    Mi ah di baga baga  killa  soun

    (repeat chorus)

    2 Responses to “Nuffer Demma Trie _ Kruxial Selecta”

    1. Kruxial Selecta Says:

      2012 wih deh!!!

    2. Kruxial Selecta Says:


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