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    Only Jah Mercy

    by: | 1 Comment »

    Song Info

    Release Date:
    Song Year:

    Shabba: Oh bless us with life of Jah
    San: Glorify the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
    Shabba: Everytime enuh
    San: Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
    Who is, who was, and who is yet to come
    Salvation cyaan done
    I greet you
    Check it
    And all the youth dem
    Unnuh a hear mi
    Shabba: Only Him alone enuh
    Only Him alone
    Both: Only Jah mercy
    Papa San a seek
    Fi take mi off a Babylon street
    Puppa Jesus mi thirsty
    Mount Zion mi got to reach
    Babylon River too deep
    VERSE 1
    Shabba: Yow nuh mek Satan rule you tek care a yuself
    And nuh lust afta Babylon wealth
    San: Oh yes, call pon Jehovah any time yu need help
    Yu can�t call upon yuself
    Shabba: Jah made and di male and di female
    And tell wi fi multiply
    Here comes I and I and I
    San: Nuff a we lost, Nuff a we fail
    Because we a live a lie
    For us Jesus was crucified
    Shabba: died
    Both: Chorus
    VERSE 2
    San: Jah mek the Jupiter, Venus, mars
    The firmament the moon and stars
    And gi wi di bright sunshine, Shabba
    Shabba: Autumn, winter, summer, spring
    A Jesus make everything
    San can one man so kind
    San: Remember the Ackee, and the jimbilin,
    The mango and the pumpkin
    Pomegranate and breadfruit
    Shabba: The man cast the demon inna hog
    And every body know the truth, yow
    Nuh badda stone the prosti-tu-te
    Both: Chorus
    San: Sing aloong
    Both: Nana, nah nana nah
    Nana nah nah
    Na nah na nay
    A a aye
    (Rept. 2)
    VERSE 3
    San: If yu ignore mi word and nuh look weh yu a go
    Yu wi buck up inna fire cause a hell down yah so
    Shabba: Tek heed yaw my brother, listen to my Song
    Wipe the devil finga offa yu hand
    San: Tell mi why yu appetite so strong just fi kill a man
    Yu nuh fi follow Satan, watch ya
    Shabba: Segregation, repatriation it is a must
    One stop driver pon de devil man bus
    San: Wi nuh inna dem congregation cause a nutt�n dem nuh worth
    So mek wi give praises to Jesus (Yesus)
    Both: Chorus
    VERSE 4
    San: Well, dem send we go to school and dem steal all the books
    Shabba: dem gwaan like dem cool when a sumn� dem a look
    San: A dem first mi tek but mi nuh see weh dem a put
    Shabba: Repent Babylon boops
    San: Sing aloong
    Both: Nana, nah nana nah
    Nana nah nah
    na nah na nay
    A a aye

    Nana, nah nana nah
    Nana nah nah
    na nah na nay
    Both: Verse 2
    Chorus (X2)

    One Response to “Only Jah Mercy”

    1. misterone Says:

      big honor!!!!! more fire-……. sin duda llevando el mensaje de todas las maneras positivy lirics

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