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    Open Your Eyes

    by: | 1 Comment »

    Song Info


    Reaching out to all people, from all walks of life
    Though the devil and his pestilence tries to harm you , Jai’s got a message for you. (hey)


    Open up your eyes, you can see you’re not blind
    The signs of the time, It’s the Lord’s , It’s not mine (rept.)

    Verse 1
    You said your tired, feel like backsliding
    You question the time, you said been wasted
    How long must you keep living , A life that has no ending
    Jehovah cares, and he’s not sleeping
    He never slumbers, always watching
    The testing of this life is gaining, the price for his high calling (wooa)


    Verse 2
    Yuh nuh si a revelation time, mankind,
    Open up your eyes an stop gwaan like yuh blind
    Yuh nuh si a revelation time, mankind
    Aaa-auh Tek heed to di wonders an signs
    (yow) Definitely, wi need no visionary
    To see di insanity, dat now plaguing humanity
    It’s not no conspiracy, it was written in prophecy
    Second Timothy 3 tell yuh bout it in prophecy
    Mankind shall be lovers of themselves
    More than lovers of the most high
    Trying to gain di world and dem ca’an satisfy
    So be still, yuh nuh si while you scrape you spill (yow)
    Prophecy a fulfill.


    Verse 3
    I got a message for you yes
    Oh so weakened, your faith is dimming
    Can’t hold on no longer, too much testing
    A better life you say have been waiting,
    for you in a world of sinning
    But hold on my brother, He’s still coming
    The signs are here, though the devil keeps trying
    Be strong, be bold, be encouraged
    We’re soaring to heaven we’re destined.


    Open up your eyes, open up your eyes
    Open up your eyes and realize the time (rept.)
    Open up your eyes, open up your eyes

    One Response to “Open Your Eyes”

    1. richi-vaun Says:

      trust me a real thing a gwaan in this world we all better look to GOD

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