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    Paper Loving – Christopher Martin

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    Song Info

    Song Year:

    She know, she know she know (ta ta da ta da )
    She know mi treat her better than her man (wooh)
    But she a worry bout the millions, the millions, the millions
    Girl, you love me for true
    But certain things in life they say you waan fi do hey
    So you see mi need fi understand
    That you are made for a money man
    If you can’t love me now
    Don’t love me later
    When my later is much greater
    It only proves that she love di paper
    My paper
    If you can’t love me now
    Don’t love me later
    When my later is much greater
    Cah mi nuh waan no impersonator
    For my paper
    Girl do you love mi or do you love him
    Who introduce you to kissin’ and huggin’
    And gentle rubbin’, and sexy touchin’
    Admit girl and mi’ll gi you di proppa lovin’ ohhh
    The only thing is dat he rich pan me
    You shouldn’t be because a money make a switch pon mi
    Cause if you leave girl
    Don’t badda come back
    Because mi heart won’t offer you no other comfort so
    Girl I know you wan stability
    But dat don’t mean seh you fi sell your soul for vanity noo
    Bright life fast cars a di city
    And di Fastlane mek yuh loose your sanity but
    Mi cyan believe yuh sell yourself so short
    To get di money you will make man break you part but
    A gal life make your choice because
    Mi nah make yuh break my heart noo
    Ref 3x
    I don’t want you to learn the hard way
    So am taking you to lover’s school
    You want money just for party girl
    You take mi fi fool
    Every piece of my heart I gave away
    I gave it away to you
    And I thought you’d understand baby
    But time’s running out of you

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