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    Pop Style

    by: | 15 Comments »

    Song Info


    Look pon yuh neighba an, seh neighba
    Gimme pass mek mi praise mi God
    (Buss de place, excuse mi! who yu talking to)
    Huh, listen mi nuh
    An it goes like dis, well den mi guh suh

    CHORUS 1
    Jesus my Saviour I love You
    An no one above you
    Pop style an, gwaan
    (Christian anuh bwoy)
    Jesus my Saviour I need You
    (wooe my my my my)
    An no one above you pop style an, gwaan
    (weh mi tell dem seh. listen mi, yow)
    tings of di world can bring prosperity
    Killing each other nah guh change de economy
    Don’t mek majority be your priority
    Seek awf Jesus an, solidarity
    Put God first an, leggo idolatry
    Money anuh vanity is a necessity
    Leggo immorality, atrocity, hypocrisy
    Resist di devil an flee fram pornography
    Dem deh a wi enemy wi put dem inna cemetery
    Wi are more dan conquerors we have de capability
    Honesty, charity, sweet personality, mek wi opportunity fi God bless
    Wi ministry

    (weh mi tell dem seh, listen mi, yow)
    Satan nuh badda mi move wid yu sodomy
    Malice an, yuh envy an, yuh strife an, jealousy
    Crime an, poverty plague plague humanity
    Inna di society pure anxiety
    Powers an, principalities dat a conspiracy
    As a Christian mi affi show humanity
    Kind an, gentle full a integrity
    Don’t leave nuh room fi harbah
    Nuh likki,likki,nagga,naggi,pikkie,pikke,beggie,beggi
    Anuh everbaddy yu fi tell she yu hungry
    Stand in authority cau u hav, liberty
    God whey yuh serve nuh deal wid partiality
    Jehovah Jirah, Jehovah Nissi, Elshadai, Jesus de Almighty
    Him face de agony inna gethsamane
    Die resurrect an, gimme de power over de enemy
    Mek di devil kno seh yuh nuh owe him nuh apology
    Juck him wid di word
    Tek back u property, yuh marriage, yuh family, yuh joy,
    Yuh serenity
    Mek im kno affi yuh, anuh fi im, it a fimmie


    (whey mi tell dem sey, listen mi, whey mi sey)

    CHORUS 2
    Gimmie, gimme gimme, gimmie, gimmie it a fimme
    How yu fi tek yuh goliath yuh nuh si mi
    Evryday yuh deh inna mi ears a ningie ningie
    Devil tek a kuff outta david bingy
    Everybaddy kno, seh dat de devil a money grabba
    Heartless criminal a tief an, a robba
    Rob fram mi mama rob fram mi dada
    Rob all di food outta mi mout, before mi swallah
    Im mek mi tek mi money an, guh tek it buy lickah
    A try di beer but di beer taste bitta
    Mi tek tek it buy weed an, weed is a killa
    Smokin, nuh god fimmie lungs nor mi livah
    Mi tek it buy ring pon each an, evry finga
    A show awf mi self wen mi toes favah ginga
    Mi tek it buy gun fi guh buyaka, buyaka
    A God mek yuh nuh hear seh san dead lef, papa

    CHORUS 2

    15 Responses to “Pop Style”

    1. Doryien Says:

      In my opinion this song is really cool it has all the best ingrdients to make it suitable for all whether they are saved or not. This song is one of the best of all times and the rap!!!!!!! Well it just flows it’s really really fly it’s one of my best

    2. Jhovel Pink Says:

      i think your the best papa keep on doing what your doing, at my church all they dj is your songs they even entered a contest with one of your song and they came first big up nuff nuff luv God bless you and keep on doing the gud work bless.

    3. nina Says:

      what a great song papa san continue my boy

    4. Knox Says:

      Hey Papa San, just wanted to let you know that we are so blessed by your music down here in Wellington, New Zealand. Keep up the awesome work and bless you & your ministry. So Papa “KEPP ON KEEPIN ON”
      Hi 2 anyone reading this message. God bless..Fa Soifua (Bye, in samoan)

    5. rajendra Says:

      wha happinin papa san.i just want to let u know that your songs are the bomb in guyana especially your new album REAL AND PERSONAL.keep doin the work of god. god bless you!

    6. Lloyda Says:

      Just had a great time at the Papa San concert down here in Guyana featuring Chevelle and Prodigal…it was massive…the national park was jam pack and my foot still hurting me from all the jumping and praising and worshipping…it was the best show of the year in Guyana, packing in the biggest crowd even beating out Baby Cham…We Christians were out there representing.

      the artistes testimonies were a blessing, their songs were off the hook…man i tell u…it was more than the money’s worth. i was there in 2002 when it was papa san alone and i knew i couldn’t miss it for the world this time around.

      My church newtown assemble have a radical group of young Christians and we were all there…we loved it.

    7. martin Says:

      hey papa we liked the shows u satged while in Uganda. B blessed

    8. Lexxy Says:

      Papsan is the truth and a messanger for Crist. He recently did a sho here in Belize and leveled the house. The message and testimony that he hlods is powerfull and he is a true example of what God can do if you let him. Keep up the dymatic work you have been doing for god.
      i’d also like to thank him because at taht concert he gave my twin brother an oppertunity to be saved and he accepted Papa San’a invitation.

    9. Lexxy Says:

      To Papa San We need some of your albums to be sold here in Belize your music is powerfull.

    10. RattyWiles Says:

      wagwan mi yuth yuh kno affi dweet bip up yuh nuh affi stop galang mi rudebwoy mi name RATTY BIG UP ALLA WI SALUTE YUH PAPA

    11. ratyywiles Says:

      one world one love

    12. eddie Says:

      man yuh de bes.ongle Jesus a man ah ahead of yuh sir.be blesse every tym

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    15. aruba all inclusive Says:

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