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    Rump Wit Mi _ Kruxial Selecta

    by: | No Comments »

    Song Info


    Kruxial selecta only speak truths an rights!

    whee dem ah get i from

    mi nuh know, tel dem selecta


    Whe dem ah get it from

    Whe dem a rap it from

    Ah long time dem mi kno

    Mi ah burn dem bwouy

    /repeat chorus/

    U ah walk un tel people seh

    U ah wicked,armed an dangerous

    U ah pop yo mout seh u ah di don

    Uptown un downtown u kill dem

    Fe fun

    Mi ah cum, an tel u mi ah bad to mi bone

    Some ah demma tel mi deh ah bad to di soul

    Whe mi touch down,bwouy mi ah burn like ah fire

    Hott fire mi ah cum an blaze it in yo higher

    Memba kno seh whe mi touch down,bwouy u ah

    Bag-a- wire, Bag-a- wire, Bag- wire, Baga wire

    /repeat chorus/

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