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    Sing Glory – Beres Hammond

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    Song Info

    Song Year:

    He gave us life, he gave us dreams
    Still some people act like we’re still in chains
    When there’s so much in life
    To live for and to be thankful for

    You should a sing glory now
    Sing glory glory now
    Sing glory now, sing glory

    Verse 1:
    Praises for the sun and the moon
    We thank you for your light
    Praises be for the rain and the breeze
    Most important to life
    Praises be to life itself
    Even when days are bad
    And when I rise to see another day
    Glory be to God

    Repeat Chorus 2x

    Verse 2:
    Children of god don’t worry too much
    A new day is on the rise
    Don’t be discouraged be strong my friend
    You’re bound to win your big prize
    Come my little sister, please my little sister
    Bear out with your man
    It’s not everyday the seas gonna be rough
    The sun is bound to come

    Repeat Chorus 2x

    There’s so much in life
    That we should be thankful for
    He gave us life, he gave us dreams

    Repeat Verse 2

    Repeat Chorus 2x

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