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    Sold Out

    by: | 38 Comments »

    Song Info


    All the Sold Out People, you ready to praise him, Come On Come On Put your hands together

    Verse 1

    My God he loves me (oh Yes), he says i am his child, (he calls) he calls me righteous, (sa sa sa) says i’m the apple of his eye

    So why do i clap my hands and why do i stomp my feet, why do i scream so loud, I ain’t no lunatic, i’m no fanatic, i’m just addicted to the one who saved me


    I’m sold out no matter what they say, I’ve made up my mind i am a fool for Christ, Sold out every day, what I do and say will give him all the praise (repeat)

    Verse 2

    I am a warrior, (no more) no more chains holding me,(more than) more than a conqueror, (his spirit) His spirit lives in me, and that’s why I clap my hands, and that’s why i stomp my feet, that’s why i scream so loud, I ain’t no lunatic, i’m no fanatic, i’m just addicted to the one who saved me

    Repeat Chorus 2

    38 Responses to “Sold Out”

    1. KayC Says:

      I luv this song:)…

    2. susan Says:

      i love the song sold out it ia one of the best songs ever written and i trust that junior tucker will continue to spread the gospel the way he is doing. he has touched the lives of many jamaicans keep it up junior tucker

    3. Leonie Says:

      I really love this song, my young people choir sang this song sometime ago in linstead and I mean it sell off.

      It makes you look at who you are in Jesus Christ and want to be more than a ordinary christian

      Da song yah tuff, it a seh one.

    4. Nettie Says:

      I need a copy of all the Junior Tucker CD’S My collection was stolen and I need to replace them. No boot leg copies please. Anybody knows where to get them?

    5. Florence Says:

      I LOVE THIS SONG! Just want to say thank you for this site. Have been searching for the words to this song since I heard it and i finally happened on to this site. I LOVE THE SONG. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.
      Florence/ Ghana W./Africa

    6. Henry Says:

      i realy realy love this song

    7. tameka and leonell Says:

      this song is good the words of the song is very deep.

    8. mimi Says:

      very good song!

    9. Biless Says:

      I am addicted to soldout.

    10. Mike Says:

      You know, I can’t seem find the right word to describe how I love this song. Its just,…….sooo delicious.

    11. Des - Angelo Pennant Says:

      this is not all the song but thanks for putting it on

    12. rainy Says:

      i love this song so much but i dont know how to put it on my ipod someone pls help me?

    13. dee-maria Says:

      i love this song.it touched a lot of Dominicans heart….it has been a blessing to a lot of people in the world.keep on making songs.i would request it on the radio station or play it on you tube a million times.may the lord bless you and be with you always.

    14. makien Says:

      awesome song song you have there.it changed my life when i heard it on TV.thank you for making this song it is my favorite song

    15. Charlene Says:

      Where can I find this song. I’ve been looking for it for years now. Can anyone help?? I will appreciate it much

    16. Owusu Robert Jnr. Says:

      Indeed the music is so touching and holds a powerful addiction to CHRIST.its really great and i love it.

    17. Robert Owusu Junior Says:

      Great music,i like it

    18. dujon Says:

      where can i hear this song online

    19. Rosemary Mends Says:

      I love this song so much. But unfortunate the lyrics of the bridge was left out. That is “i am so glad to the one who save me, because of his love i am free……….”. Can someone help out, please?

    20. jake Says:

      i am in love with this song and it gives me the reason to carry on with the christian faith.

    21. Eric Says:

      the words of this song is really incredible. It’s a heart-felt song and i believe, it is touching more souls out there. God bless you Junior Tucker.

    22. Anu Gbenga Says:

      This is a great song and heart felt.
      God bless you Junior Tucker.

    23. kadene Says:

      i love this song because if loving god is wrong i dont5 want to be right, i love the song, i jus love it

    24. Brenda Says:

      I really love this song, its nice and inspiring.

    25. Franklyn Says:

      I really love this beautiful song and sometimes i want cry when i hear it

    26. Baffour-Asamoa Kwabena Says:

      This song is really a morale booster. I love this sound.

    27. Sister Maria Says:

      O my gosh do you know how long I have been searching for these lyrics, I love this song…..All Hail the King of Glory

    28. Mensah Bright Lumor Says:

      This is unquestionably a wonderful song

    29. ERNEST PEPRAH Says:

      this song is so inspirational that i can’t even sleep without listening to it. let the world think of it that we are lunatics and fools because we praise the LORD. They will alway criticise because only a person who carries something knows how heavy it is. pls i need the chords to this song. sold out.GOD BLESS YOU JUNIOR

    30. kwaku dodzi jnr Says:

      wow i love this song.God bless you junior tucker

    31. fadero layemi Says:

      the song is so wonderful. I like it!

    32. jerry john Says:

      i really love this music, Mr. junior tucker. GOD BLESS U SO SO MUCH.

    33. Debbie Says:

      Finally i gut da lyrics. Dis song is so touchin so cant playing it. Kip it up Junior.
      Thumbs up!
      Debbie cox (Ghana)

    34. Mark...(Ghana) Says:

      I fell in love with this song since i heard it and now after long
      years, i have the great honour to lead my choir to minister to people after it has ministered to me all these years…

    35. jessica jackson Says:

      true dat I a fool 4 CHRIST. Me love e song. E best gospel dat can be played everywhere. I am sold out. Haleluuya

    36. Diane Says:

      Indeed I’m a fool and crazy for Christ coz I know what he’s done, doing and shall do for me. Thank God for availing yourself for God to use you.

    37. Ankamah Daniel Says:

      This is one of my best gospel tracks and i cant end my day without listening to it. Thanks for such a nice song.

    38. Wilhelmina Says:

      Am a F-O-O-L for YOU!!!!!!